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HELP! Still bleeding 4.5 weeks after miscarriage

Hello, I was Diagnosed with MMC at my 9 weeks appointment and took misoprostol on 16th Aug. Passed the sac and spotting stopped on 31stAug, went for a follow up check-up and doctor confirmed with US that everything is passed.

But spotting started again on 4th Sep and it has increased day by day, also passing clots from last one week with heavy bleeding.

I told my doc last week , she wanted me to let her know if bleeding is super heavy.

Today I called her and informed about the whole situation, she is not ready to see me until Friday.

I am scared that is there anything wrong that I should be worried about..should I go to another doctor or wait for Friday..I am totally confused and stressed, it's feeling like forever. I desperately waiting for this to stop so that can start to try again. It's been 33 days of bleeding ( 4days stopped off in between).

Please Advise


Re: HELP! Still bleeding 4.5 weeks after miscarriage

  • I would see if you can get your HCG level checked while waiting for your appointment.  And honestly, if you are bleeding heavy, I would think you should be seen ASAP.  When I have had issues, I was seen the same day

  • @hs2018 sorry for your loss.  I agree if you are concerned I would try and get in ASAP.  I have had 3 d & c so different than your case but I bled for about 4 weeks with the first.  Dr told me that if I filled a pad within an hour then I should call ASAP. Did they give you an idea of what to look for 
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