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My 3 month old fights naps so hard..

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I have literally tried every angle. I was burping her to sleep or rocking, but she's fighting that too now and that's causing problems burping. So I've tried laying her down and letting her cry it out (when she gets too distressed to where she is screaming/choking I comfort her and put her back down) (she has a temper) but this lasts for 2 hours of her fighting sleep. As soon as she feels herself going, no matter which method I use, she'll start screaming again. I really need some advice here. She finally gets to sleep and it's been 3 hours and she needs to eat again. 
P.S. she sleeps through the night, and doesn't fight as hard to sleep. 

Re: My 3 month old fights naps so hard..

  • Are you sure she’s tired? At 3 months babies might begin to consolidate naps into fewer longer naps. I’d also recommend having a strong routine leading up to bedtime. We used to change diaper, read a book, swaddle/put in sleep sack, turn on the sound machine and lay her down for every nap or bedtime. It helps to signal that it’s time to sleep.
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  • I agree on the routine. My daughter sleeps ok at night but hates going down for naps. We found a lullaby station on YouTube that she loves and it makes it easier.

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