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Teaspoons of Breast Milk

Hello I am a new FTM and this is my first time posting.

I am having simply a horrendous time trying to breastfeed. LO arrived via C-section 6 weeks ago and I had reasonable milk supply after coming home from the hospital. I was getting about 2 ounces from each breast each time I pumped. 

Then my incision got infected and I got cellulitis - 3 emergency room visits, 2 courses of antibiotics, and a whole lot of diarrhea later and my milk supply was just dribbles. 

DD will occasionally latch really well! A couple of days ago I even had her nurse for a full 20 minutes! But most of the time she's not having it and will just scream at my boobs and kick at my stomach like a velociraptor until we give her a bottle. To boot, I am power pumping every few hours, taking supplements, drinking 6+ liters of water, and chowing down on some lactation treats to be rewarded with maybe a teaspoon from each boob each time. 

I am eating a bowl of oatmeal every day as well as oatmeal bars. We tried a nipple shield. I am a moringa-eating queen right now. I am getting plenty of calories and try to eat high-protein. I have been working with lactation consultants and three different doctors. 

Breastfeeding is extremely important to me and I feel like I can't give up on what I feel is best for my baby girl. My husband and immediate family are incredible and have been very supportive, but I feel alone in the world of moms. During pregnancy I had imagined myself with a freezer full of breast milk and donating excess to other babies. Now, I just feel so, so inadequate and a big failure. I have such terrible anxiety about what my low supply will mean for the health of DD and myself. 

I don't have a mom tribe yet, but I have some mom acquaintances. All of whom have had "plenty of milk", and one is a bit of a breastfeeding Nazi (breast is best) who I am embarrassed to even talk to anymore. I feel very alone with this problem. I would really appreciate anyone sharing a similar experience, whether you have a success story or just to not feel so alone. 

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  • Just remember that your mental health is important too. A fed baby and a happy mom are better than breast.
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    offtoneverlandmarvelousmommy2018[Deleted User]TJtheGoat
  • I never made enough milk for my first, I had to supplement with formula for 3 months and after I went back to work, I just about killed myself trying to pump 6 times a day on top of nursing so he could have enough for his bottles at daycare. My second is only a week old, but it looks like I’ll be having the same problems with this one. I’m much more willing to use formula this time around. I’d rather be able to enjoy being with my baby than being able to say he was exclusively breast fed. You can only do what you can do and it sounds like you had a pretty rough experience with the c section complications, so try to go easy on yourself. There are a ton of benefits to breast feeding, but plenty of babies thrive on formula. You’re in no way a failure if you can’t breast feed. Good luck!
    marvelousmommy2018[Deleted User]
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  • Thank you. 💜 I really needed to hear that. 💜
    nackie[Deleted User]
  • Thank you so much. 💜
    [Deleted User]
  • How's it going?  Any updates?  Hope to hear you're finding some balance and enjoying your baby :)
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