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5 1/2 week old feeds on the hour all day and night

Hi, just looking for some advice. My daughter is almost 6 weeks old and has basically fed on the hour since she was born. I know that there is a growth spurt around 6 weeks and babies cluster feed but this is different, its litterally every hour all day and night not just in spurts of days, it just seems routine. Sometimes we have good nights and she will feed every two hours but those nights are few and far between. She is breast fed so im just feeling a litte worn down. Will this pass? Or is something off?

Re: 5 1/2 week old feeds on the hour all day and night

  • I am sorry I cannot help but I am here to commiserate because my baby is exactly the same. It’s so exhausting. I had friends visiting today and he fed 5 times while they were here and they were like oh wow you weren’t exaggerating. Good luck and I hope we both see the end of these hourly feedings soon. 
  • Are you sure she’s hungry? Some babies just need to suckle to soothe themselves. A pacifier might be an option. You might want to talk to you pediatrician or LC to make sure she’s eating enough.
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  • Like @meggyme said, if she’s hungry every hour, your milk supply might be low. Have you seen a lactation consultant?  They can do a weighted feed with you to see how much she’s getting and if it’s enough. Mine is also nursing every hour and I know that’s my issue, so I’m pumping after every feed to try to increase my supply. 
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  • I second seeing a lactation consultant if you have not already. I had this issue, and my consultant noticed DD had a lip and tongue tie. Once we had that corrected, feedings were more spread out.
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  • My LO was like this for the first month or two. He was often rooting and eating every hour to 90 minutes. I referred to him as a little snacker because he liked nursing often for short spurts (though longer if it was nap or bedtime). He eventually spaced to 2-3 hours between feeds at 4 months and now 3-4 hours at 8 months.
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  • My daughter nursed every 45 minutes to an hour at first too. She just ate smaller amounts more frequently. Even when she started daycare and was bottle fed there, she took smaller bottles more frequently. Eventually, she started spreading out the feedings.

    Definitely check with a lactation consultant and your pediatrician though. It could be due to the latch not allowing them to get enough milk. If they're sucking for comfort, try offering a pacifier instead. You should hear the swallow every few sucks. The last thing, if you're immediately responding to a cry with nursing, you might be nursing when you don't need to. Try another soothing method, such as sushing or bouncing first and see if that helps. 
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