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Anyone have Leep procedures...

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I had abnormal cells and had a Leep procedure when I was 20. Not just one but three in total. I am 35 now and after struggling for 4 years to get pregnant, DH and I went through IVF and are pregnant now with my first. I had my first OB appt and she wants me to meet with a MFM due to my prior leeps to make sure my cervix is okay. Trying not to be nervous. Anyone else have these done?

Re: Anyone have Leep procedures...

  • I have had a few LEEPs as well as 2 cervical laser ablations in the past. I dilated early at 29 weeks with my first. This time around we are measuring my cervical length every 4 weeks, we started at 16 weeks. Our next check is tomorrow at 20w2d at MFM. Thats probably their plan, it may not cause and issue, but its good they are going to keep an eye on it. 
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  • I had early stage cervical cancer in 2010. I had the cryo surgery 2 times. I was 23 and it was such a shock to my system that I went into menopause. They told me I might not have anymore children and but me on birth control to try and "kick start" my hormones 6 months later because I had stopped having periods. Was on the BC for exactly one month when I got pregnant. The only issue I had was a build up of scar tissue on my cervix that made it difficult to dilate. I was induced, and after several hours was making zero progress. They took a toll and removed some of the scar tissue and ruptured the water sack and then things went very fast. Had a baby within 3 hours of the procedure. Just make sure your OB knows you had the LEEPs and that there may be extra scar tissue, or I've heard if there was a lot of damage it can make the cervix weaker and if you start dilating way to early, they can put a stitch in to help keep you closed longer
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  • I had early stage cervical cancer in 2003 with 4 Leep procedures and several colposcopy procedures. Fast forward 10 years and I miscarry, get pregnant again right away and have a beautiful daughter. I am high risk for a Blood disorder and had some very minor complications during pregnancy. I had a Subchorronic hemmorage and bled during first and second trimester and then had to be induced right before 37 weeks due to low amniotic fluid, they said my placenta was old. Hard to say if the complications were from the past procedure though. 
  • I've had a leep procedure. Essentially I've been off birth control for three long-term relationships, had one abortion maybe ten years ago and I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant, an accident. I've always used the 'pull out method'. I don't know if I've dodged a bullet for all this time,  for quite awhile I believed that perhaps I was infertile and then low and behold, I got pregnant. 

    Either way, the leep procedure didn't change my periods or anything so it never really concerned me - and my doctor never warned of it affecting my fertility. Fingers crossed your bfp is right round the corner! 
  • I had a LEEP done 4 years ago due to early stage cancer, and haven’t had any cervical issues during pregnancy. If you had several it may be a bigger concern, but if you just had one years ago, chances are you should be ok. 
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