Hi all! New to The Bump, happy to be here! I am 29, with PCOS, endometriosis, lost my left tube due to endo and my right tube is blocked. Hubby and I are currently in the TWW of our 1st IVF cycle. We transferred one perfect embryo on September 6th, my beta is Monday the 17th, anxious and too scared to take a hpt. Some days I feel like it worked, some days I feel like it didn’t. Cramping off and on, feeling like AF is on the way, no spotting yet. I have had headaches and sore breasts off and on, other than that no other symptoms. I’m praying and hoping for a BFP on Monday and would love to hear from you guys to help me get through this weekend! Anyone else in the same boat or been in a similar situation? XOXO

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