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Introduction (again, now with fibroids)

I've been here before off and on, mostly lurking, but I want to be more serious about participating now so I thought I should do another intro.

I've been basically TTC for three years now, with some off and on. At first, it seemed like there was no reason for me to have trouble conceiving (started at 31, I'm 34 now) and tests all came back fine, but no BFP. Then last year, the doctor saw masses in my uterus. Turns out it was fibroids--so I had surgery to remove them a few months ago. The surgeon said they were surpisingly large, one over a centimeter, so probably the reason for my trouble.

Now, three months later, I just had another ultrasound which showed two more fibroids, these ones smaller. The surgeon isn't sure if she missed them before or if new ones have grown already. She's consulting another doctor to see if we should try surgery again or if I should just continue trying.

I'm getting frustrated because it took over a year with the doctors just to find this problem and get the first surgery, and now it didn't even fix the problem. I also don't know what to do from here. Surgery again might increase chances, but it's likely that fibroids will continue to grow. I don't have any symptoms besides IF so I didn't know until the ultrasound.

I don't know anyone else with experience with fibroids and I just feel very alone in this. Does anyone else have experience with them?

Re: Introduction (again, now with fibroids)

  • @sailorariel - I’m sorry to have no advice for you as I haven’t dealt with fibroids, but I really hope you get some answers soon so you can start moving forward with a plan. How incredibly frustrating to have the surgery and then feel like you haven’t moved forward or had the problem solved! Do you have an idea when your surgeon will get back to you? 
  • Welcome back! I’m happy you want to join in; definitely feel free to jump right in to the weekly check-in post. As for fibroids, I don’t have any experience personally other than they run in my family so my mom has had them. My friend also had them and I believe it’s fairly common for them to recur. I’m sure that does not help. Are you working with an RE?
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  • @sincethelastday Thank you. The surgeon said she didn't know when the OBGYN was going to be in office next, so she was sending her a message. She said she would call me as soon as they discussed the case so I don't have to wait for another appointment. My hope is that means soon but it's not certain right now.

    @Bababatty Thanks for the welcome! I did hear that they run in families but when I asked my mom, she said she didn't know of anyone else in our family who had them so she didn't have any advice. Honestly I was worried because my mom and sister both have PCOS but thankfully I haven't had any sign of cysts. The doctor said they do grow back basically until menopause but it usually takes a while, she this is that it's more likely she didn't get all of the tissue the first surgery because it was hard for her to see (and she didn't know why, she said my uterus appears normal) and she had to end the surgery before she was confident that she had everything because of the time limit. She said if we do surgery again, I would take hormones to thin the uterine lining before and she would use a different technique, so it would hopefully be more successful. So at least it isn't just a repeat.

    I'm working with an OBGYN who specializes in infertility because that's who my PCP referred me to. No one has mentioned an RE. I don't know, would that help more?
  • @sailorariel - it sucks that there’s more waiting - it seems like that’s all we do with IF. Positive to hear that another surgery wouldn’t be a pure repeat as the last one. From my limited understanding, an RE trained as an OBGYN, but specializes solely in reproductive medicine/infertility. Compared to a regular OBGYN who covers more of a general range of female health issues. But if you’re OBGYN specializes in infertility then that sounds pretty positive! But perhaps an RE would make a difference? I’m sure some of the other ladies on here who have been on this journey longer would know more! 
  • @sailorariel I'm sorry you've had to find your way back here and that you're facing a possible second surgery for fibroids. I don't have any experience with them myself, but you're more than welcome to join our weekly check-ins, which is a great place to give and receive support! Just my two cents on the OBGYN vs RE question: if you're comfortable and happy with your OBGYN, then it could make sense to stay with her through the second surgery (if that's what you end up doing) and seeing if you can conceive naturally after your recovery period. However, since you're approaching 35, if you don't have success fairly quickly (3-6 months?), you might want to consider switching to an RE at that point. But it's a decision that every couple has to make for themselves when they're ready. Has your SO been tested?
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