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  • @HoneyBear40 hopefully that's not a premonition. I noticed during our AS that my midwife was pretty practiced with saying "their kidneys, their heart" instead of her heart, even though we knew the sex already.
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  • @meggyme That's what I'm really hoping! With DD the tech would say "their" but apparently my new fear is a rookie tech that slips up lol
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  • First: i don't generally like coffee so this one is super weird. I was in a cave with my mom drinking dunkin donuts coffee(bleghhh) and then i was serving the coffee to skeletons to try to save them before theu fell apart. Then i was at the house i grew up in, trying to climb a flag pole to escape something bit I'm not sure what it was, and the skeletons were there too. 

  • @letsmakeit5 sounds like you need some caffeine in your life before you become a skeleton. Haha!
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  • I had a dream that I was at a routine doctor's appointment and asked if it was a problem that I hadn't been feeling the baby moving much. The doctor then said that she recommended an emergency c-section and I should meet her in the operating room downstairs. I was flustered and thought maybe she heard me wrong, but met her downstairs. The operating room looked like a torture room (moreso than OBGYN offices usually do) and the table I was supposed to lay on had a surface like the bottom of a wave pool or a popcorn ceiling. I was freaking out and asked "Is this really necessary? Can we just schedule an ultrasound or something instead?" and it seemed like that thought never occurred to the doctor. I then woke up because I had to pee. Phew. 
  • I think I've been reading too much about labor and delivery recently, to start prepping my brain again. But last night I had another dream that I went into labor but I was in an airport, somewhere in France. All I can remember is I kept trying to walk but would fall down every time I had a contraction. Then I just started crawling on the floor down a hallway. Maybe I should stop reading these posts too! LOL
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  • I had a dream that I decided to go back to college for a year (not sure why, this university would be like 2.5 hrs away from home) and my husband was helping me move into my off campus apartment, which was all swanky and remodeled like, queer eye style
  • Last night I dreamt that I left my three day old baby at home alone. But it wasn't like I did it on purpose. I just forgot I had him. And then when I remembered I had a baby, I was driving home to get him, and remembered I hadn't changed his diaper in like two or three days. Apparently I'm afraid of being a bad mother. Haha
  • We're team green and already had the as, but I dreamed last night that my mom and I were at one of the growth scans and I told the tech I didn't want to know the gender, and she ignored me told and showed me that it was obviously a boy, then I had to decide how and if I was going to tell dw.

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  • I haven't been remembering my dreams lately, but MH has been having some weird baby-related dreams. Lol. Anyone else's partner experiencing this? Guess it's not too weird, obviously we both have baby on the brain.
  • Last nights dreams included Adam Levine, and he was flirting with me (tame dream, but the eye candy was nice😂🤷‍♀️).
  • I had the weirdest dream ever! I was some kind of guard and the queen told me she was worried about the rain during an important event tomorrow, so I should take my bazooka and shoot at the clouds. And I remember I didn't know how to use it, since in my dream it looked more like a telescope. Eventually I figured it out, but there were always some people in the way. After I shot at the clouds the rain started right away. I also shot at the moon a few times, not sure why, but I know I got it. 

    I was just reading about the royal baby yesterday and wondering which one will come first, ours or theirs. Maybe that's why the queen was in my dream? It was a different queen though. 
  • Last night in my dreams I was attacked by a bunch of angry (flying, nonetheless) penguins. I kicked a lot of them in my sleep. 
  • This this morning I woke up from a walking dead style dream - semi spoiler for the show
    Wandering around in the woods with talking zombies closing in, came upon a cabin with a Santa suit on the ground and an It style storm drain opening under the cabin. Yikes! Happy for the alarm today.

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