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Terminix treatment 24 weeks and freaking out

My husband and I have been getting regular quarterly treatments by terminix because of spiders and clover mites. Now that it's fall we've seen an increase in spiders in our finished basement. The last time we only treated I wasn't home and we only had the outside treated, so we decided the basement should be done too. So today they came and sprayed the basement while I was home. Of course I didn't even think about it being a problem until AFTER they sprayed and upon calling the company said I should be fine as long as I don't come into contact with the spray while it was wet, but the more I read about pesticides the more freaked out I get. The treatment was done after my OB's office had closed so I couldn't call them to ask. I was not in the rooms where he was spraying and have not gone into the basement since it was done, plus I did go outdoors for a while after he sprayed. Our basement does be not have a door that closes it off to the rest of the house and in fact the stair well is open to the totally open concept main level space above. Does anyone know if this type of exposure is ok when pregnant? Anyone else have their homes treated and can ease my fears? Thanks!

Re: Terminix treatment 24 weeks and freaking out

  • We had monthly treatments the entire time I was pregnant with my first and he came out just fine. We’ve been getting treatments with this pregnancy as well. I would say use common sense and stay out of the treated areas until it dries/the smell goes away and you’ll probably be fine. 
  • Thank you nackie! It's always good to hear positive outcomes. I did call my OB and she said that because I wasn't in the area he sprayed I should be fine.
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