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AI2 experiences/ reviews?

Hey all. I’ve been trying to do some research into cloth diapering. I have never used them and our first born is due March 2019.  From the videos and reading we’ve done, we would like to try the AI2s but all the sites that I see they don’t seem to be very popular. Is there a reason for that? Has anyone had good/ bad experiences with them? 

I also saw some sales of flushable liners and was curious if anyone has tried those/ thoughts and experiences?   Thanks. I appreciate any help I can get. My family thinks I’m kind of crazy for doing cloth but my husband and i are quite set on our decision so I appreciate support from the bump family. 

Re: AI2 experiences/ reviews?

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    I'm surprised you say that because, although I don't use them, I feel like Ai2s are a very popular choice. Perhaps you're just not seeing them talked about? I find that AI2s tend to fall into the category of AIOs and are talked about together. AI2s are supposed to be better than AIOs (which are very popular) because they dry faster and are more customizable. 

    I have not tried flushable liners, but I know plenty of people who like them. Lots of people use them so they don't have to scrub poop off as much. 
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    Thanks so much. The more I look the more I see that I guess they’re just not always described at ai2. Makes it hard to buy online because I feel like sometimes I can’t tell if they have the option. I hope to get it figured out. Or I’ll just order some and hope for the best
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    von1976von1976 member
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    Hi there! I know you posted a bit ago, but in case you wanted more input...

    AI2s are kind of a strange bird. I don't think they're a very popular choice. While they work great for pee, poops can be messy and usually mean a full change of the shell.

    For a while we did our own hybrid system with covers and cotton inserts, when our daughter wasn't pooping frequently. When she started pooping more often we switched to another system because it was just too messy.

    We use a mix of different things now. But we do use Lalabyes (my favorites), which are billed as AI2, but are really hybrid pockets. You can lay the insert on top of the stay dry liner and snap it in, which is why they call it an AI2. But you still need to change the whole diaper when soiled, since it's not just a PUL cover. Personally, I prefer to stuff them and use them as pockets.

    Flushable liners help a lot, especially once poops get more solid. A lot of people say you still shouldn't flush them... But we live dangerously. We don't have a septic tank, though.

    Hope this helps some!


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