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Risky things done during pregnancy

** Thought of starting this thread as there is no existing one**

I am 15 weeks and had too much hairfall and grey hair showing up. I went to salon and she recommended to apply gloss/hair dye of same color (have natural black color) with hair cut, I somehow agreed and was scared to hell if hair dye will cause any harm. 

I managed to leave color only for 10 mins and asked her to wash it off.

Though the stylist assured me that there is no harm after 1st trimester and she had lot of customers who do it but I was still worried.

Anyway it's done now, looks better with no greys for temporary at least.

Would like to know from other ladies if you have taken any risks knowingly or unknowingly.

Re: Risky things done during pregnancy

  • @kandos I had my hair colored in the first trimester and I also worked at a salon for several years. I’m sure it depends on the type of products used, but it never seemed to be a concern to my stylist or any of the stylists I worked with.  
  • I got a mani/pedi after reading that it was ok. Then at my next doctor’s appointment I asked if I needed to be choosy about ingredients in shampoos, soaps etc. She looked at me perplexed and commented that the chemicals in my nail polish were probably much more harmful than things in shampoos, etc. Her intention wasn’t to shame me, but I felt duly shamed nonetheless. That is all to say, that I think it’s difficult to follow all the rules of pregnancy, particularly when there seem to be conflicting information about what’s safe. I think if we keep our primary focus on keeping ourselves healthy (physically, emotionally, spiritually/mentally) and trust ourselves to make good decisions for baby, that that’s the best job we can do. And the best mom we can be, is one that is happy and confident, so don’t neglect the things that make you feel empowered and strong.
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  • If it makes you feel any better, I’ve gotten my hair colored and roots touched up throughout each of my 4 pregnancies (my natural color is dark brown and I wear my hair bright blonde). It’s not something I’m concerned with.

    At this point, I really only avoid those things that have proven themselves to be highly dangerous while pregnant (drinking alcohol and riding amusement park ride are the only things that come to mind at the moment). Maybe it’s because I’ve been through this so many times now but I don’t pay attention to the more trivial things. I eat what I want (in moderation) and mostly do what I want. I was definitely not this way with my first 2 pregnancies.
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  • Though I haven't touched up my roots just yet, I have every intention of doing so throughout my pregnancies. I get bi-weekly gel manicures and pedicures, and from my research and my doctor's honest advice.... any trace of hair dye that gets into your scalp is not nearly enough to affect the baby. As for foods, when I was in italy I ate deli meat almost the entire time. I feel great with hardly any symptoms and a pregnancy that seems to be progressing healthily. I'm with @navete..... do what makes you feel good. Nowadays there are so many "no-nos" and while some of them might come from having more knowledge, I will say, my mother never had to deal with any of the trivial ones except for alcohol, etc.... I think sometimes nowadays we take it too far. Make yourself happy and comfortable, eat right, exercise, get enough rest, and listen to your body. We were built and designed to do this. You are not wrong. 
  • I just recently got my hair dyed, and I've had a pedicure since getting pregnant. I've also eaten sushi and deli meats and soft cheeses. In fact... One night for dinner all I had was cheese.
    I agree with the well ventilated thing. When it comes to painting the baby room, I'm totally going to help. I love painting and there are two windows in there so lots of ventilation. 
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    I’m in the minority on this thread. I stopped highlighting my hair, wearing polish, and stopped getting a tiny bit of Botox in my forehead once I became pregnant with my last DD 3.5 years ago. I haven’t done any of it since then because I was breastfeeding.

    There are so many articles out there about the hundreds of chemicals
    found in newborns’ cord blood— I just don’t want to add to what is already getting into the baby’s system from our environment.

    I agree with others that looking good is part of feeling good. I did try a supposedly “natural” gel nail polish a couple of times in my last pregnancy called Bio Seaweed Gel that dries/cures in natural sunlight in a few minutes. And I may use some natural hair color/highlighter from the health food store if my dark blonde hair begins to show gray after this baby, as I’m getting older...
  • My SIL does my hair (only about 2-3 times/year) she’s a licensed cosmetologist but once when I was pregnant with DS I mentioned to her about getting it down while pregnant because I had heard risks of it. She said she had her done consistently with both pregnancies and has never heard anything wrong with it. I asked my midwife and she said it’s fine. 
  • I’ll have the occasional pedicure and put on the occasional bit of self-tanner (although this time I don’t care about my appearance nearly enough to put on self-tanner—yesterday was a puke-fest so I’m still kind of in survival mode).
    And I’m eating a salami sandwich as I type this, so I guess that’s where I stand on that...
    I don’t drink alcohol anyway (too much alcoholism in my family; never really liked the taste, either), so it’s kind of nice not to have to make that adjustment or to raise suspicion by turning down a drink around friends.
    I’ve never tried Botox because I don’t like pain, haha.  And if people don’t like my wrinkly face, too bad!
    @valentynsi I wish I had the energy to paint!  
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  • I’ve been getting my nails (gel) done every few week, hair highlighted, coffee a day, bacon on occasion and I’m sure there’s more. I don’t really see any of this as risky though.
  • @chocolatelemons This is the first time I've heard to avoid bacon?
  • @mayoduck My SIL is pregnant and super nervous about everything. Apparently her midwife told her no bacon. I’m not sure if this is one person’s opinion or the norm, but it hasn’t stopped me. Maybe nitrates? I get nitrate free, but that’s all I could think of.

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  • i haven't ever heard bacon. i wonder what it could be.
    i do get my hair done (i haven't because i've been sick, but i have an appointment coming up finally), i get my laser hair removal when needed, i still do fillers but they have no systemic absorption. i would like to do botox, but need to stop bf first.  i generally do meats steamed just to be safe (like a panini instead of a cold sandwich). I'm not a big meat person in general, don't eat sushi or raw anything.
  • bacon!? oh hell no...!!!!!! 
  • I follow all the food safety rule and don’t drink. But I’ll be getting my hair highlighted and I take warm baths. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s too warm. I’m not getting in hot tubs, but I have a weird guilt about my bath addiction. 
  • I am fairly lax about the food-related restrictions—had a bagel with lox this morning, for example, and it hit the spot. I don’t color my hair regularly and I’ve had one pedicure since finding out. The riskiest thing I’ll be doing this pregnancy is heading off to Liberia and possibly Uganda for work. I’m worried about taking the anti-malarial drugs even though they are supposedly safe. But I’m not going to have a chance to travel again for work for at least a year and a half, so I’m going for it. 
  • My doctor said bathtubs don’t get hot enough to cause harm. Hot tubs do get hot enough bc baby can’t regulate heat, but regular bathtub baths are recommended for sore muscles or if you’re feeling crampy. 

    We have two sleeping beauties in heaven.
    Jack gained his wings on 09/02/2016. 
    Kali gained her wings on 07/28/2015.
    They will be forever missed. <3
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  • Just for the record because I was shocked when I read this, listeria infections can take as long as a couple months to show any symptoms. It's still VERY rare so I don't intend to scare anyone and I personally am not concerned about the occasional soft cheese or raw vegetables but I do think it's good to know that it's not the same as other food poisoning which hits the next day or so.
  • I’m getting my highlights touched up and my nails done before I leave for vacation in a couple weeks. I avoided everything last time but wish I hadn’t because it would have made me feel a lot better to get my hair and nails done. 
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  • I’ve definitely eaten several hot dogs (very well cooked).  Once was at a bbq where I had no other option, but the last time was just because I was craving one, haha!
  • I have eaten bacon, hot dogs, and some soft cheeses (though I'm not sure if they were pasteurized or not). I very rarely eat these things and mainly eat a healthy diet so it really doesn't concern me. I feel like the processed meat warnings are mainly like "hey, these foods aren't healthy for anybody so they must be even worse for pregnant people" but if I'm at Coney Island then I'm going to eat a hot dog and cheese fries without feeling bad. I'm also honestly more concerned about buying contaminated lettuce at the store than eating soft cheese and I always have my fingers crossed that I don't end up getting a bad batch of romaine. 

  • If you freak out over every little thing gonna n the “no-no list” you are going to end up miserable and in a bubble. Just make smart choices when it comes to food and the products you use every day. An occasional mani pedi is fine. Dying your hair every 4-8 weeks, fine. But don’t do that crap every day lol. If you’re worried though that’s  ok too! Talk to your doctor for reassurance. They do make plenty of pregnancy safe nail and hair alternatives. 

    With that said, I’ll be getting my hair colored and my nails done for a wedding soon and I have no reservations about it. 
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  • I totally wasn’t thinking nail polish or deli meats when I read this thread, but I’ve definitely eaten & used both of those things a few times & not thought much about it! Some of the more ‘risky’ things I’ve done are just continuing to stay active outdoors by rock climbing and hiking (and some easy ski touring, once we get some snow). I’ve discussed all 3 with my midwife and she basically advised that as long as I’m listening to my body’s needs and managing risk appropriately for my ability and fitness level (aka, not trying anything new or super risky/difficult), I should simply do what I love and what feels right to stay happy, healthy and active. I have found myself naturally doing all active things in a more gentle & relaxed way (not caring as much about distance or difficulty) and have been reading as much as I can find about the experiences of other pregnant, active moms to help guide my own approach. 
    Are there any other women out there, especially STMs, with any words of wisdom when it comes to adventuring outside during pregnancy & then with little ones in tow?
  • hlmtnmama said:
    Are there any other women out there, especially STMs, with any words of wisdom when it comes to adventuring outside during pregnancy & then with little ones in tow?
    The cold weather moms thread might be helpful since it sounds like you're somewhere with snow. But that is more geared toward clothing and staying warm in cold weather, as opposed to outdoors generally We could also always start an outdoor moms thread. I'd participate.

    I will say baby wearing is where it's at! That 6-mile hike, I wore her for a bit in a woven wrap, and my H wore her for most of it. It rained the whole way back, and she stayed toasty warm against his chest inside his rain gear. I couldn't have done that with my rain gear, so investing in more over sized outer clothing is a consideration. 

    Now that my daughter is over a year, we have a full length rain suit for her. Lots of layers under that and she stays pretty warm. We have a second-hand REI-brand one we were given, but when she outgrows it and I buy new, I plan to buy one of the Tuffo Muddy Buddy suits, although I may change my mind with more research. 
  • @lovesclimbing I would participate in an outdoor moms thread too! The cold weather moms doesn't really apply to me... I'll be moving from El Paso to Las Vegas in a few months... one desert to another! But we are super outdoorsy, and love to hike and camp. It's even hotter in Vegas so that will be a challenge, but there is so much to do out there...
  • I was really restrictive my last pregnancy and it just stressed me out. This time I've had soft cheeses, runny eggs, and I've had my nails done twice. I don't dye my hair (too dark to make a difference) or eat meat but I wouldn't worry about those things this time if I did. I even had a glass of champagne at a wedding. My doctor told me I can't even have N/A beers, but that seems dumb to me. I feel so much better this time around-- way less anxious. 

  • I just had my hair dyed last week.  Im a vegetarian so I don't have to worry about the meats but I have had runny eggs, cookie dough and more caffeine than I probably should.  I've had diet soda too.  I love wine and was thinking of maybe allowing one here and there at the end but the further along I get the more I think I'll just hold off.  I actually really want some runny eggs with toast right now  :D 
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