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Super Worried about Etopic! CP -> HCG Rising after AF

Ladies! I need your help.  

I posted in the infertility board but thought this may be a more appropriate location.  My husband and I have struggled with infertility for 3 years. We've had 2 failed IVF's 6 IUI's with the 5th resulting in a CP. This 6th IUI we ended up with a very low HCG at 14DPO (HCG 12). It continued to stay very low at 17DPO and 20DPO (14, then 13) so our RE said it was a CP and to stop suppositories and expect to miscarriage. That's when things have gotten weird. Since, I miscarried and got a full AF but, now at CD6 my HCG is RISING, albeit super low (HCG 20). I got a scan and baseline blood work which confirmed I got my period (lining is nonexistent) but took a HPT this AM and it's getting darker. Why is my HCG going up after AF!? Is this an etopic? I can't find anything similar like this with low rising HCG and no progesterone - but it's just so weird. What do you think!? 

Here are my weird stats this cycle:
8/24: 14DPO - HCG 12, Prog 12 
8/27: 17DPO - HCG 14, Prog 9 (stopped suppositories) 
8/30: 20 DPO - HCG 13, Prog 1
AF - 8/30-9/1
9/4: 25 DPO/CD 6 - HCG 20, Prog 0.4, E2 77

Help, advice, stories, etc. appreciated good or bad, just looking for info! I'm super nervous. THANK YOU! <3 

Me 32 DH 36, Married 12/2013, TTC Since 9/2015
Diagnosis: Unexplained 
2 IVFs, 8 IUIs (2 Clomid, 6 Injectables)
Nov '16: TI Clomid- 2 Follicles, BFN 
Dec '17: IUI Clomid- 1 Follicle, BFN 
Jan '17: TI Clomid - 1 Follicle, BFN 
Feb '17: IUI Clomid - 1Follicle, BFN
Mar '17: IUI Inject - Canceled (Cyst) 
Jun '17: IVF Antagonist, 13ER, 10Fert (5ICSI, 5Nat)  - No Blasts, 1 D5T, BFN
Sep '17: IVF Antagonist, 14 ER, 4 Fert (All ICSI) - 2 D3T, BFN
Nov '17: IUI Inject - 4 Follicles, BFN
Dec '17: Laparoscopy Endo - Neg (No Endo)
Feb '18: IUI Inject - 4 Follicles, BFN 
June '18: IUI Inject - 5 Follicles, BFP -> CP 
Aug '18: IUI Inject - 1 Follicle, BFP -> Ectopic 
Sep '18: IUI Inject - 7 Follicles, No Trigger, Missed O, BFN
Currently on BCP to gear up for Nov '18 IUI 
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