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Placenta Previa?

Sorry if this is already being discussed in another thread- I’m not sure how to search in the app. Had my A/S today and diagnosed with complete placenta previa. Total pelvic rest, no exercise, not allowed to lift anything over 10lbs. Anyone else in the same boat, or dealt with this in the past? Did it resolve ahead of delivery for you? Honestly I’m a little freaked out by the potential complications, and not sure how to go about my regular routine with three toddlers...

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  • @kmvisioli

    Sorry to hear that! How far along are you? I read that placenta previa usually resolves itself in 90pct of the women who have it at 20 weeks, but im not sure if that was for conplete or partial. When are they doing another ultrasound?

    I was just diagnosed with a low placenta, but mine is not covering my cervix... They said they want your placenta to be 2cm away from your cervix and mine is only 1. They didnt give me any precautions to take, i just go back at 28 weeks for another scan.
  • @kmvisioli I'm so sorry that you have to be on pelvic rest with 3 little ones. That sounds really hard. Is it bed rest or a modified version? I had a friend with placenta previa. She had one bleeding episode in the 3rd tri, which is how it was diagnosed, but then she went on to have a normal, healthy delivery. 
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  • I’m19+5, and being sent to a high risk OB for an additional scan in a couple of weeks (mostly since I’ve had a previous c-section, so there are additional risks). Really hoping it is able to correct itself so I can get back to my routine. Plus I’d rather not have a Christmas week baby if I can help it, but that’s not the end of the world.
  • Mine is low lying this time, but I did have a complete previa my last pregnancy that resolved by 29 weeks...I am in the bedrest, pelvic rest, no lifting club this time for placenta issues, I can relate on that front! Hoping yours moves up so you're free of restrictions soon!
  • @kmvisioli and @LauraK33 Sorry you have to deal with this.. I can't imagine having to be on bed rest/lifting restrictions with all those toddlers running around. I can't even imagine it with my one toddler. Hugs to you and hope things settle down/resolve on their own!
  • Hi, I was told my placenta is close to the cervix but no where near covering, whatever that means.My doc feels like it will migrate up, but I’m going back in October to make sure... no changes to my activities. I hope yours moves as well, but I know ppl have healthy pregnancies and uncomplicated c section deliveries with complete previa. It sux, but the main this is that you and baby are safe! Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you 

  • Count me into the "placenta is bordering but not covering" group. I don't have any restrictions yet but will take another look at a follow up scan at 28 weeks. Finger crossed that all of ours migrate back!
  • Sorry you're dealing with this added stress. I had partial previa with DS but no restrictions (my placenta ended up moving). From what I remember of my research, the main worry is heavy bleeing associated with complete previa, which is why they've likely put you on rest. Also a required C-section if the placenta doesn't move up. There's still lots of time for it to move so here's to hoping you're in the clear soon!
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  • @tosh24 yes, since mine is complete and I have had a previous c-section I’m pretty heavily restricted for now and they are going to check for any problematic adhesions to my scar tissue. The risks sound pretty scary!
  • @kmvisioli , I'm sorry that you're experiencing this added stress and restrictions.  But I'm glad you started this thread because I am in a similar situation.  My placenta is only bordering my cervix at the moment, but I did research and found similar statistics that placenta previa usually resolves.  I'll have a second scan at 28 weeks.  I did unravel a bit at the news because I'm already high-risk for a variety of reasons: advanced maternal age, previous pregnancy with pre-eclampsia, previous premature baby at 34 weeks, previous c-section, conception through IUI.  My dr knows I do high intensity exercise, so she said that I need to ease up: no running, no jumping, no heavy leg lifts, but I can still go to orange theory and exercise moderately.  She also said that we can't have sex for now.  My frustration, in addition to another reason to worry about an early delivery, is that it's hard to control the factors and there's nothing we can do to impact the outcome, so we just have to wait and see what happens.  
    Let's keep each other posted and in our thoughts.

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  • I'm in the same boat. Anatomy scan on Wednesday but just got the phone call from the doctor yesterdsy to say I have placenta previa and book an appointment for Monday.. all they said was no sex and if any bleeding go to hospital.  Guess i will find out more on Monday.
  • @hollye30 sorry to hear you are in the same situation. Keep us posted on how your Monday appointment goes! Hoping we get cleared for normal activity sooner rather than later.

    (Side note- if this doesn’t clear, I am really not looking forward to no sex for a full 6 months!!)
  • I had placenta previa with my son, however,  it ended up moving before delivery and all was well. I know its stressful, hang in there, there's still time for it to move, we still have a lot of growing to do! 
  • @joyfullyoily thank you! That is encouraging. Was yours complete or partial? I have heard that the chances of it moving are much better for partial.
  • I honestly can't remember for sure, but I want to say it was complete. Fingers crossed for you that it moves!!
  • @kmvisioli ; I have heard the same thing. Fingers crossed that both of ours will move. 
  • Saw my doctor today and the only restrictions I have are no sex and no heavy lifting. I can do all my normal activities with my toddler.  He said there is a very good chance that it will move and I get an ultrasound at 28 weeks to check it. 
  • @hollye30 that’s great! I have my mfm appt on Monday, and a follow up with my regular OB in 3 weeks, so we’ll see what they say for me.
  • @kmvisioli Hope it all goes well.  Keep us updated! 
  • Yes- dealing with CPP and pelvic rest since 20 weeks-- I've had 2 D&C's in the last three years (miscarriage and placenta remains), so I feel like that might have been a contributing factor. It's frustrating and scary. I also have a toddler and am having a hard time not picking him up (the groceries, though, are all on hubby now). I also had to cancel a lot of travel plans, even driving trips, due to not being close to a hospital. I'm bruising more easily now too. Here's hoping we both have progress! I have another scan this week at 24 W but it's been a tough month. Are you anxious about the fact that you might have to have a c-section? For me, that wasn't the worry as much as when the doctor started listing off what they would do given various situations, such as going into labor at 23 weeks due to bleeding, etc. I was not happy even thinking about that possibility!! Good luck to you. :smile: It's really nice to find this thread and know that someone else is in the same boat. I've been scouring the internet for more info, but of course, it's just a wait and see situation. 

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    Are you anxious about the fact that you might have to have a c-section? 

    Yes. This makes me very nervous. Particularly because I would have to not only change my expectations and birth plan but transfer to a completely different care provider and facility in my third trimester since I am currently being seen by a midwife. At the end of the day I just want what is best and safest for the baby and myself but man that would suck after all the time and effort and interviews I put into choosing my current birth team.
  • Had my appt with the MFM this morning. Still complete previa, but no symptoms yet and no signs of accreta, which they are worried may develop because of my previous c-section. I’m thankful there are no signs of the accreta yet, but man is that road a whole scary thing to think about (c-section delivery between 34-36wks, plus hysterectomy and NICU time over Christmas). Still just praying it resolves before my next appt at 28weeks.

    As far as being nervous about a c-section, I think I mostly feel disappointed about that potential rather than anxious. I was really hoping to experience “natural” labor and delivery again, and definitely preferred the recovery of vaginal birth over c/s recovery. I did really struggle with some anger and anxiety when I needed a c-section for my twins, though, and I think those are totally valid feelings there too.
  • I would definitely fall into both the nervous and disappointed categories if it comes to a c-section.  I just had it in my head that it would be a vaginal delivery, plus I would really be concerned with the recovery time needed.  I was out of the house doing things within a week last time.  Since there is still a good chance for it to 'move' I'm trying to not be too concerned until I know for sure.  My Mom is a compulsive worrier and I really try to not be like that, worrying over every possibility does not change anything. I'm sure if it comes to a c-section I will have all kinds of feelings such as @kmvisioli mentioned..anxiety/anger etc.  Healthy Mama and healthy baby are what really matters in the end and I'll keep telling myself that. 
  • Yeah- that's really hard when you've done the research and put in your time and you feel the rug pulled out from under you. My prenatal yoga instructor is also a doula and she talked about how this couple labored for days through a home birth and ultimately had to make a transfer to a hospital for a c-section. The husband was totally devasated that they were losing their plan, and the momma, a total rockstar, in a moment of sheer grace said, "honey, birth is the ultimate test of detachment." And the birth was still beautiful. I don't want to minimize your sadness or concern, but I try to take comfort in the idea that baby's birth will be a totally beautiful miracle whatever method has to happen. 
  • Update on my end-- they couldn't see if the placenta had moved at my growth us on Wednesday. Officially 24 weeks today, though! I feel good about reaching viability. Doctor has limited travel to within 60 minutes of our hospital, which I chose specifically for their amazing neonatal NICU unit, so I'm skipping things like reunions and big rival pro football games, trips to see friends in the sweet spot of trimester 2, etc. Ugh. Really looking forward and feeling nervous about the 28 week scan as we'll know more then. Hang tight, all you CPP mamas! Stay healthy and off those feet when you can. :smile:

  • @hollye30 1 week is an amazingly awesome recovery! I can see why you are so sad about the idea of a C-section. My first was a forceps birth after nearly 4 hours of pushing, and it took me 5 weeks to recover to the point where I could drive, so 6 after a C-section is a worry, but since I sort of had that anyway, it's not the worst thing in my mind. I was still icing and not cleared for sex at 9 weeks even. Plus I had major hemorrhaging from placenta remains 5 weeks after delivery, which was terrifying and meant I had to have a pelvic exam, vaginal ultrasound, and emergency d&c (Why am I doing this again?? lol). But I'm still here and loving being a mom! And not in pain anymore! And all of that postpartum pain is not even a little deterrent to having another and is just a little chapter in the things I went to for my kiddo.  To ease your mind, maybe, some of my friends who have C-sections have recovered really quickly too. One friend didn't need any painkillers beyond tylenol and another was walking around the block three days later. I think it all depends on the individual. Good luck! Hopefully all of our pesky placentas move out of the way! I am starting to research postpartum care for c-sections just in case, though.
  • I was diagnosed with partial placenta previa with my second. They monitored closely and it resolved itself during my pregnancy. However my first was an emergency csection so I had already planned on doing a scheduled for my second. But it was still a sigh of relief that it had resolved.
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  • @katiebird8878 ; thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. I'm sure none of it will matter once I have the baby in my arms. I am also researching c-sections and postpartum care just in case.  
  • I also keep trying to remind myself that we don’t go through pregnancy for the pregnancy, but for the baby and for our family. It is for sure a struggle some days when I just want to be able to relax and enjoy this last pregnancy, or frankly just function in my normal life! Really thankful that at least so far my CPP has not brought along any symptoms, so trying to stay positive that even if it does not resolve we live in an age where we will be okay.
  • For those still dealing, how often is yours being checked?
  • They found mine at my 20 week ultrasound.  My next ultrasound to check is at 28 weeks.  I'm 24 weeks now so I have to wait another 4 weeks still.  But I'm hoping that is just giving lots of time to move. 
  • @hollye30 ok, I’m in the same boat. I had a check-in last week, and kind of thought they might do a scan so I could go back to normal if possible, but my next isn’t until 28wks either.
  • They found mine at 19 weeks (i think) and are not checking it again until 28 weeks.
  • @kmvisioli
    I am getting checked at 27 w 3 days (28 weeks). I did have a scan at 24 weeks but they couldn't tell if there had been movement or not. Is it bad to say I want a scan every day if possible?? One week until I find out if there's been movement.

    How is everyone else doing? Any changes? Any bleeding? Thankfully, I have not had any bleeding. I'm checking every time I go to the bathroom, though! (And trust me, that's a lot! lol)
  • Right there with you @katiebird8878 - I haven’t had bleeding yet, but I am checking every bathroom break just in case, which makes me feel totally paranoid. And agree that I would take a scan every week so I could relax (and maybe enjoy some sex again!) as soon as possible! Next scan for me is the first week of November, and it feels like forever away.

    also, does anyone else feel like it’s kind of a weird mind trick? I don’t feel any different and I don’t look any different, so it’s hard to really feel like I should take it easy or not lift my kids, etc.
  • Same here. No bleeding but checking all the time.  My scan will be on Nov 1 then I see my doctor on Nov 9th. 

    I agree I don't feel or look any different. But my husband and I both have a sense of urgency to have everything prepared early this time around. 
  • Hi all. Diagnosed with complete previa 3.5 cm over os at 20 weeks. Had a freak out and about 3 acupuncture treatments (I swear I felt it unstick at the first appointment, but at the very least it can chill you the f out) since then. Checked at 28 wks Friday and it's now marginal at .5 cm away. Was soooooo happy even though that's not quite good enough yet. Just that it's moving is awesome. Gonna get more acupuncture and visualize my uterus growing up every chance I get. Doc at ultrasound place said so much growing happens right at the end and they only really "give up" around 36 weeks. Wishing you all good news soon!
  • Oh and I have also been totally paranoid at my many many bathroom visits as well!
  • Oh and I have also been totally paranoid at my many many bathroom visits as well!
  • Mine was bordering my cervix at my 18 week scan. I just had my 28 week follow up and it is 3.5cm away from my cervix so I am officially in the clear. 

    Just a heads up for those of you who haven't gone back to be checked yet, since the baby is now larger and head down they couldn't see anything with the regular US and had to do a vaginal US to check the placenta so just be prepared for that possibility. 
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