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Eye color? When does it happen?!!

Hello mom's!!! First of all, congrats on your new bundles of joy!!! And the older ones too lol. I have a quick question. How old were your babies when their eyes either started changing or completely changed colors? My LO still has her dark blue right now but it looks different at other angles. I have yellow green eyes and my husband has Hazel, and I'm really hoping she'll get green or Hazel ones too. She just hit 16 weeks today :)) so I know there's plenty of time to see but everything is just so exciting!!

Re: Eye color? When does it happen?!!

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    My aunt just told me this weekend that her daughter's eyes changed from dark brown, almost black, to hazel when she was 5 years old. So, it could take awhile. But in most cases, between 6 months and a year eye color is determined. That being said, your baby may very well have blue eyes. It's recessive, but a stronger trait than green, so it could happen 
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