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Reassure the overthinker. Eloise MN

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So we have finally settled on the name Eloise for our baby #4. I obsess over names and scour every name list imaginable. We have yet to pick a middle name for our kids before they are born but this time I wanted to. I wanted a name that went with Eloise AND Ella (potential nickname even though we also like Ellie) and I finally came across Nora. 

Does that sound okay? Eloise Nora and Ella Nora, obviously similar to Eleanora (is that cheesy or nice/okay?)

Our other top contender was to do Eloise Katherine nn Ella Kate.. but I know several Ella Kates IRL and don't particularly like the shortening of both, or the syllables in Eloise Kate (sis is Harper Isabella). ETA also like Emilia and not pair with Ella. 

Can someone just pat my head and tell me it's pretty?? I regretfully shared Eloise to friends and family and got some flak so we are waiting to tell people the full name until birth. 

Re: Reassure the overthinker. Eloise MN

  • ❤️ Eloise! It’s such a beautiful name!

    Eloise Nora is a good combo. Honestly, it’s not my favourite, Eloise Maeve (Ella Mae) or Eloise Susannah (Ella Sue) would be my top picks, but Eloise Nora works just fine and I think Ella Nora is super cute.
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  • Of your options I much prefer Eloise Katherine.
  • Eloise is a WONDERFUL choice! 

    Have you ventured into the realms of iambic middle names? Sometimes I think they are the best for pairing in terms of 'flow.' The most common are Marie and Nicole, but some other fun choices are...
  • I don’t particularly love Ella Nora, even though I do like both Eloise and Nora...

    what about Eloise Claire? 
  • I will have a hard time being convinced to venture from my list at this point, I love them all much more than something random, though I have always wanted it to be meaningful.. haven't really found the right one for that.

    Another reason Nora is appealing to me. (It's a stretch I would probably keep personal) but Zora means "dawn"- mom's MN and Grandmas' names are Doris and Anita, which to me have similar components. 

    I have definitely considered Mae, but perhaps from Madeline or something. And Marie is cute. I absolutely love Camille but my close family member lost a baby named Kamilla and it feels too close. :/ 

  • @TNgoldengirl sounds like you should stick with Eloise Nora! Both names are beautiful, and I think the name as a whole is nice. Plus if you find it meaningful, that adds a valuable element
  • Are you planning to use her middle name in every day life? If you're not I think you're worrying about the Ella Nora combo more than you need to be. I like Eloise Nora.
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  • Eloise Nora is great. I WOULD NOT use a nick name with such a beautiful name like Eloise (seems like a waste of a name) Eloise is more unique then Ella and Ellie, so why put her in that same clump. Our family has a Eloise Joanna...…..we only call her Eloise. EllieJo is cute, but again, I would only want to call her Eloise. Eloise Katherine is great also.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I won't be using her MN every day no.. just have commitment issues I guess. Maybe I can't go wrong with either choice:) and I will be calling her Eloise but some family may use nickname, DH already is. 

  • @TNgoldengirl Eloise Nora is really sweet. If you and DH like it then I say go with it and family/friends can get over themselves with their opinions.
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