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12 DPO a ton of sympton and BFN???

So I am currently 12 dpo (2 days before period) and I have taken 2 clear blue digital tests. One last night and got a BFN. One this morning with FMU and g0t a BFN. I feel so defeated. I have been having crazy symptoms this cycle that never happen to me. I have been crampy since about 2 dpo, having a ton of white cm, my breasts have become sore and veiny and I have been extremely tired the past week. I just don't understand. Has this happened to anyone and did you eventually get a BFP or did AF arrive?? 

Re: 12 DPO a ton of sympton and BFN???

  • Keep testing every few days until you get a positive or a period, you may have ovulated later than you thought.  Call your doctor if you go 60 days without either.
    Unfortunately, pregnancy and PMS symptoms are pretty much identical.
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  • Most likely just new PMS symptoms, unfortunately. 
    I'd wait until a couple days after AF was due and if still no AF take a test again.
  • Plus one to all PPs. 

    It's very easy to symptom spot. Goodness knows I did. I even had "implantation bleeding" and a week-late period (rare for me). It wasn't IB. That month just happened to be the month my periods changed so that instead of starting with regular bleeding, I started with spotting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
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