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New here so just introducing myself.  33 yrs   ttc since July 2017.  Im nervous about joining up here because it seems like that final step to admitting I’m having trouble and it’s...difficult.  I guess I’ve finally reached that point where I just need some support.  My two closest co-workers both started ttc at 37 and 40 and had no trouble and im struggling with innapropriate jealousy.  

A little about my...issues I guess.  Had Paraguard IUD prior to July 2017. In November 2017 started experiencing increased pain during my cycle, the next month I noted that the pain continued well after aunt flow ended and past ovulation.  I essentially spent the month of December in agony with seeming pms cramps.  Finally went in to OB in January and she did an ultrasound to find a very large (lemon sized) cyst on my right ovary.  She put me on BC for 3 months, I checked back in at that point and it had shrunk by 1 inch.  She seemed unconcerned at this point and told me to be back on bc for 3 more months with no need for additional follow up unless I felt more pain.  

FFWD a month and I stop BC early because....well I’m impatient.  Ovulated normally a month later (per temping and cheapie ovulation trackers).   Based on my admittedly inexperienced analysis of ff tracking, I seem to have a slightly short cycle that is semi-normal, averages 25 days with a somewhat short luteal phase lasting normally 12 days but can last up to 14 RARELY.  I also seem to struggle maintaining high temp post ovulation, never get above 97.8, and average 97.6.  

Overall it doesn’t seem like I’m having much of an issue, but no luck and the lack of any obvious problems is frustrating.  I plan to go into the OB for a referral to an endocrinologist in January when our medical insurance can be changed, but wanted to step in here to give and receive some moral support.  

Thanks ladies!

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  • Welcome! I’m sorry you find yourself here and for all your frustration. Feel free to jump into the weekly check-in, which is a bit slow this week what with the holiday. Good luck!
    Me: 35 | DH: 39
    Married: January 2014
    TTC #1 since August 2015 -- Diagnosis: MFI (low count/motility), RPL
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    IF History:
    August 2016-June 2017 - 6 IUIs (clomid x 1, letrozole x 5), 6 BFNs. DH on clomid Oct. 2016-June 2017. July/August 2017 - IVF - 9 retrieved, 5 fertilized (ICSI), 3 to blast. 1 fresh transfer, 2 frozen. BFN. :/ October/November 2017 - FET #1 11/2. CP. :'( January 2018 - Second opinion and changed clinics February/March 2018 - IVF #2 - 19 retrieved, 15 mature, 13 fertilized (ICSI), 5 to blast. 1 fresh transfer, 4 frozen. CP. May/June 2018 - FET #2 5/30. Loss at 6 weeks. July 2018 - PGS testing = 2 normal embryos August/September 2018 - FET #3 cancelled (wonky hormones); September/October 2018 - FET #3 10/4 BFP EDD 6/22/19
  • @estherjvb Welcome :) I can relate to your feelings about not wanting to admit that there might be a problem. It's where I was a year ago when we started testing. Truly none of us wants to be here, but it definitely helps to have this space to connect with other women and to get support. I'm glad you decided to introduce yourself and like @Bababatty said, please join our weekly check-ins!

    A couple thoughts/questions about your situation: I wouldn't be too worried about a 12 day LP. 14 days is just the average and 12 days is right within the normal range. Mine is 10-11 days at best, so I would be more than happy with 12 days!

    Lower temps during the LP are not necessarily a problem, but you might try temping vaginally for a cycle or two to see if they're higher that way. If you're still concerned, you can ask about having your thyroid checked since lower body temperature can be indicative of hypothyroidism.

    When you say endocrinologist do you mean a regular endocrinologist or an reproductive endocrinologist (RE)?
    Me: 37 DH: 35
    Married since February 2012
    TTC since February 2017
    10 natural cycles = all BFN
    Dx: weak ovulation with possible LPD; Rx: Clomid (4 rounds); Puregon + Ovidrel + TI (3 rounds)
    7 medicated cycles (see above) = BFN
    During the last medicated cycle, they found a small cyst on an ovary and ordered an MRI to check for endometriosis
    May 2018 switched to an RE and did more testing while trying naturally
    8 natural cycles = BFN
    Dx: AMA, endometriosis/endometrioma, DOR; Rx: IVF
    October 2018, IVF #1 = 4 ER, 2 M, 1 F
    10/25/18 Transfer of 1, 8-cell 3-day embryo = CP :'(
  • I mean an re
  • Hello and nice to meet you! Your introduction struck a chord for me. It’s so hard to admit there might be a problem. I hope the cyst shrinks even more! I hope you find the support and comraderie you need here :)
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