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When to try again at 40

Hello everybody. I had a miscarriage this week ,at 9 weeks and I was wondering when is a healthy time to start trying to get pregnant again ?I have read so many things online, I will talk to my doctor tomorrow when I get more blood work taken for my HCG levels, but I'm almost 40 years old and I know time is of the essence..

Re: When to try again at 40

  • First off I am so sorry for your loss.  

    My doctor said it was okay to try again after 2 weeks,but I think it is dependent on your doctor.  More than anything I think emotionally you need to be ready again
  • Thank you. I will ultimately talk to my doctor, but its interesting how many people have different situations on what they are told by their doctor ,and I'm sure everybody is different because of their situation  ,but for example  I don't wanna get pregnant too soon, and that be a reason that I could possibly God forbid miscarry again .. I don't even know of getting pregnant too soon could do that I've never been pregnant before this to begin with so I'm learning everything  now.I do not wish this on anybody.
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  • I'm sorry for your loss. I hope that once you are ready to start trying that your stay here is short. Welcome to the group. Many doctors recommend waiting one cycle.
  • @g3mommy I am sorry for your loss. My doctor suggested that I wait until my cycle returned before trying again but also I couldn't DTD for a week or two anyway because I ended up having a D & E. It took like two months for my cycle to come back! I am knocking on 40 also and realize that the clock is ticking. 
    There's definitely an emotional side that you need to take care of. Only you will know when you are ready.
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  • You are right. 
  • g3mommy Definitely consult with your doctor, but it is always good advice to wait until after your first AF following MC to try again (unless you had a super early CP). That way you do not have to worry about popping BFPs and not knowing if they're from the MC because your HCG hasn't gone down, or if they're from a new PG.
  • Thank you for your advice!my doctor suggested 8 weeks after my cycle goes back to normal. I'm still bleeding heavy from my MC at the moment.
  • Also my doctor is still monitoring my bloodwork til zero so hopefully that will help prevent confusion in the future. 
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