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Looking for ob/hospital - FTM

Hey ladies.  I just got the exciting news that I'm expecting!  I'm all over the place looking for an ob and also deciding which hospital -- CLE clinic or UH.  Anyone have any recommendations or any insight on the hospitals??  ( I live on the west side, close to the airport) .Thanks!


  • Hi, I've used both CC and UH for maternity services, and I prefer UH all around because there are fewer hoops to jump through to do anything, they're cheaper for the same services (CC has fees for everything you can imagine and more), and UH has fewer restrictions in the event that you have a special request. Also, my experience with CC is that one hand has no clue what the other is doing and no accountability, yet they only refer to their own, rather than to a closer provider in your network with more availability. They're stressful to deal with. As for which specific hospital to use, I'm trying to find a different one with my third, so I can't help you there and this site appears to be a ghost-town.
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    Has anyone delivered at Parma hospital? Thoughts?
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