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September TTC Buddies?

Welcome! Long story short, been ttc for two years, have had two loses (both PGs hapoened naturally) and hysterectocopy to remove adhésions on cervix. I just turned 35. This is my third month ttc after given all clear from surgery. If we have no luck conceiving on our own, think i’ll move to IVF right away. I really would like to get off this ttc roller coaster, it’s exhausting and draining.

Am at CD 5 today. Supplements: prenatal, EPO (until I O) and Q10. Let’s see whats September brings!!! Good luck all. 

Re: September TTC Buddies?

  • Hello @baby4bee and good luck to you! Feel free to join in on our weekly update threads and yes, I understand the exhaustion, been trying 3 years now and 5 IVF cycles so far for us. Really ready to have a success story, you know?
  • Thank you, I will join the weekly thread. Am newish here, so am still getting the hang of this. Been dealing with this on my own and it’s driving me bunkers. It’s nice to have a groups of sisters to rely on and cheer each other on. 
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  • Took a hiatus after loss in past and back at ttc. I go from super excited and hopeful to totally frustrated. Looking for others to share my rollercoaster angst
  • Am really sorry for you loss. I’ve had two losses, so I know how you feel. I also know very well, this roller coaster angst and having to live it month after month - it’s so draining! Am now in the dreaded TWW and each month I tell myself not to stress and build expectations, but I can’t help myself. Having other women to share this angst with is very helpful. Infertility is very lonely. 
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