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Questions for POAS addicts (tw some losses briefly mentioned)

Firstly, congrats to all the ladies here! 

I am not pregnant. However, I felt this might be the most appropriate board to post my questions on because I don't want to trigger the ladies on the TTGP board and I don't want to trigger the ladies on the TTCAL board. 

So, my apologies in advance but, I've got quite the puzzle and I need some advice. 

Additionally, I will try to keep this the brief cliff notes version but, I have to go into some back story for the questions to even make sense. 

Okay here goes:

My husband and I struggled for 4 years to have baby #1. He was conceived naturally but, after some failed IUI attempts. 

*Warning losses mentioned**

After that, I had a chemical pregnancy. 
After that, I had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in the removal of my left fallopian tube. 

Finally, after that I conceived my second son and carried to term. 

We then started trying for baby #3. 

I had another Chemical pregnancy. 
Then I had a blighted ovum.
And then, I had another ectopic pregnancy and was told I would need IVF to get pregnant in the future. 

At that point, my husband and I called it quits in the baby making department and I greived and finally accepted the fact that I could no longer have more children. 

Fast forward, one year after my right (and last fallopian tube was removed) my husband and I started an open marriage.

I relied on my tubes being removed as contraception with my boyfriend. 3 months into our relationship, I got pregnant. 

I misscarried again. 

The problem is, I didn't get it confirmed with the doctor. I had numerous positive tests (not squinters and within the time limit of taking the test). 

2 weeks late, I go to the doctor and my blood test came back at an HCG level of 1. 

The following weekend, I had terrible cramps but no bleeding. A week after that, the bleeding began and I know from prior experience, I passed the sac and products of conception.  The nurse told me either I was indeed pregnant or b) it was a false positive test. 

2 months later, i again felt the symptoms of pregnancy. The day I expected my period, I took a test and again, within the time limit, another positive. Blaring. I still have the test. 

My boyfriend chalked it up to a false positive. I started spotting the evening after I took the test and started full on bleeding the next day.

By this point, I think I've lost my mind or that perhaps he was right. Just a faulty test. So I waited a few days after bleeding, took another and it was snow white negative.

So my questions are 1) how common are false positives? 

And 2) if they aren't false positives how the heck am I getting pregnant without fallopian tubes? 

And 3) how on Earth do I possibly explain and ask all this to a doctor without sounding like a complete loon since I  don't have fallopian tubes ??? 

Sorry, I know this is long. I'm just confused and truly have nowhere to turn to for advice. 

Any insight will be greatly appreciated!  TIA! 

Re: Questions for POAS addicts (tw some losses briefly mentioned)

  • I think talking to your doctor and just laying it all out, like you’ve done here, is your best bet. Good luck and maybe in the meantime, try a different method of BC, unless of course you want to get pregnant.
  • Are you using blue dye tests? They are notorious for evap lines and false positives. Otherwise, I have no idea and your might want to talk to your doctor and consider birth control.

    Also, thank you for not posting in TTGP or TTCAL. I know they appreciate you sparing their feelings in that regard.
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  • *TW*

    First, thank you for being mindful and not posting this on TTGP. 

    1) For blue dye tests, stupid common. Those are awful for false positives. For FRERs, not very common. Especially if you had positives across multiple brands, all within the proper testing window. 

    That is some strange business.

    3) Well, I suppose it depends on if you want to get pregnant and if so, who you want to get pregnant with. If you want to get pregnant with your boyfriend, I’d start temping and charting so I knew for sure when I ovulated. Then I’d start testing with Wondfos at about 10 DPO. As soon as I got a positive, even a squinter, I would be in for betas. That way you can get solid proof of the HCG in your system. 

    Do you have established care with an OB/Gyn? Can you see someone you have before? Maybe your RE from before? Make an appointment and talk to them. I would think an HSG could show what is going on with your Fallopian tubes/what’s left of them. That might be the best place to start.

    Then, there’s the question of if your tubes are blocked, what could be causing your irregular cycles/hormones.

    If your tubes are not blocked, then you’ll know you either need birth control or to start investigating why you are having multiple miscarriages.

    If you want to have a baby with your husband, consider an SA for him since it’s weird that once you started having sex with this other guy, you’ve gotten pregnant multiple times but haven’t had this same result with your husband.

    I’m sorry for your losses.
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  • So sorry for your losses and the fact your are battling a very confusing situation.

    I would definitely recommend talking to your doctor or OB and see what's going on (if or why you are ovulating). Then I think you need to speak with your husband and boyfriend about conceiving again. If you want to try again decide who you want to be the father, start using birth control with the other and start seeing an OB with the man you want to have a baby with. 

    I have friends who have went in for surgery, have been told you've had xyz removed and when she went in for a follow up surgery the results were actually not what she was told. 
    You need to speak with a doctor. 
  • You should definitely discuss this with your doctor so they can make sure nothing went wrong in your surgeries.

    I have a friend who had both tubes removed due to ectopic pregnancies and apparently it is possible, though very very rare, for an egg to occasionally still find its way to the uterus.  It is also possible, though very very rare, for that egg to fertilize and implant on the small part of the tube that was left behind after surgery, resulting in another ectopic pregnancy.
    That is, again, super rare, so it's far more likely that you're getting false positive tests.  Wondfos are a good cheap option for pink dye tests with much less chance of false positives, or you could use a digital.  FWIW my friend did wind up getting pregnant with her second child but had to use IVF to do so.
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