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TTC cycle 3 - 8/28

Hi all! 41 years old TTC #1. Currently in cycle 3, day 8. I'm noticing I ovulate early in my cycle (day 7 to 9) on a 23 to 26 day cycle. Anyone else in the same boat? Finally getting the hang of BBT and CM and OPKs....advice or pointers from those of you who have been doing this for a while? Thanks in advance!

Re: TTC cycle 3 - 8/28

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    @sgf724 welcome! My tips for you would be to have your ob gyn run tests just so you are informed and educated about your ovarian reserve, testing your FSH and AMH at least. They usually say wait 6 months before seeing an RE but a well known RE in NYC who specializes in helping women over 40 suggests getting testing done at least. Then you can determine if your clock is faster or slower than your actual age.

    i also ovulate on the early side- day 11 of a 28-31 day cycle. I turn 44 next week by the way. Anyhow good luck and feel free to join us on the weekly thread!
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