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Hey ladies! 

I've been trying very hard to not make this process feel like a science experiment or an obligation since that stress is proven to be counter productive. 

But the disappointment that comes with AF showing up each month is overwhelmimg. So I have decided to try tracking things this month. (I've had an app to try to track ovulation for the last 2 months, since my cycle seems to be all wonky since the MC)

Temping is pretty useless for me, as I am a shift worker, so my sleep schedule is not the same from day to day, so I can't get accurate tracking. I will do it anyway, but it won't be reliable.

I've researched cervical mucous tracking, and I'll be doing that. However I can't find any info on when the best time to check is. (Other than not after sex or when aroused). Is it morning? Night? Same time each day? Multiple times a day?

Also, anyone have any experience with tracking cervical  position with a retrograde uterus?

Ovulation tests: when do you take them? Days around when you think you should be ovulating? I imagine not every day, cuz that would be expensive haha. Do you need to take multiple a day?

I appreciate any advice or insights!
Thanks everyone!

Re: TTC assists advice

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    Hi @hoping4arainbow3. I think how you track fertility depends on your preferences. Regarding cervical mucus, you can check it whenever you want. I tend to check in the evening, but that's just my preference. I find its easy to get an accurate sample later in the day. Same with OPK's - most have instructions to test in the afternoon and evening. I start using internet cheapies around day 14 of my cycle. I usually ovulate around day 17. Also, I know when my cervical mucus starts getting wetter, I should start using OPK's. I usually ovulate 1-2 days after getting EWCM. But not everyone has noticable EWCM.

    Also, not sure what your budget is, but I use an Ava bracelet so I don't have to temp. I used to sleep with my fitbit to track resting heart rate. The pattern is amazingly similar to my temp pattern. I wear it now during the day and although my resting heart rate is higher during the day, the pattern is still similar to my temp and nighttime resting heart rate. 

    I don't bother with cervical position because I have a tilted uterus and because it changes throughout the day. If you do keep track, check at the same time every day.

    FWIW, I've used apps and they do not accurately track your cycle. They based their calculation on average cycles, which you may not have. For example, you may ovulate on day 18 and have a 10 day luteal phase, but your app would tell you that with a 28 day cycle, you're ovulating on day 14.

    Hope that helps.
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  • @hoping4arainbow3 i don’t really track mucus I know that mine changes and I pay attention to it but don’t really track it.  I can’t seem to find ut so I don’t track it’s position lol.  I do temp which it’s rocky as I wake up at different times a lot.  However I have found that if I set alarm and just take at same time regardless of when I woke up it’s alittle better.  As far as OPKs I start on day 10.  I use the clear blue advanced.  I use one a day from CD 10 until I get a high test then I start taking them twice a day.  I have missed O a couple times by not starting early enough in cycle and by not taking twice a day.  My cycles were different after each MC so CD 10 seems to work for me.  I take them until I get a peak or solid smiley 
  • I don't bother tracking EWCM because mine isn't noticeable enough.  Like Mack, I also start using OPKs on day 10 of my cycle.  I use them mid afternoon for the first couple of days, and then twice a day at around CD12; once late afternoon, once in the evening.  I use cheap ones from Amazon, and they have always worked for me, so it's really not expensive.  Cervical positioning hasn't been useful for me, so I don't do it!  I'm a horrible sleeper, and never get more than three hours at a time.  I temp at around 4am (when I always wake up to pee), and enough though it isn't ideal, I always see a shift that confirms ovulation.  It's a pain in the butt at first, but definitely shows a pattern, and you get used to it :)
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