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Anyone else feel lazy with morning sickness?

(first pregnancy). So I've been dealing with morning sickness for the past two months now and it's really taking a toll on me. I've found that if I am up walking around for a long period of time I get nauseous and dizzy so doing housework is SO hard for me. I usually get one thing done a day maximum and then sleep/lay down for the remainder of the time. Hubby has picked up so much of the slack by going to the store for me (I can't stand grocery store smell), cleaning the dishes (again, the smell), doing laundry, etc. I feel like a bump on a log. I feel like he's resentful towards me because I literally lay around like all the time. I want to be able to do things around the house and I've told him that, but I just don't have the energy and I just feel like crap. Am I normal in feeling this way? Should I stop being a princess about it and just get through the exhaustion and nausea? I don't know if what I'm doing is normal or if I'm just being whiny. Oh btw I'm pregnant with twins so that adds to it! I'm taking an iron supplements so I don't think I'm anemic...help! Am I being a bad wife?

Re: Anyone else feel lazy with morning sickness?

  • Omg!!! I am going through the same thing, I can barely jump in the shower to be honest I push myself to get up and shower, I hate doing things because my stomach starts to bother me. I am definitely going through the same thing as you ! My husband has been doing everything as well! :( 
  • This is my 3rd pregnancy and I feel the same (and I dont think im preggo with twins!). My husband has been doing a lot around the house. I usually love puttering and getting things done but I dont have it in me. You are not alone! 
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  • It’s my first pregnancy too, today im
    9.5 weeks in. I totally feel what you’re going through! From weeks 5-8 I could barely do anything. I’d get up in the morning and stay in my dressing gown until 4pm, I couldn’t do any cleaning around the house, the smells from cooking really made me feel ill so I started cooking really simple bland stuff (my hubby would have to eat it too) and I’d spend most of my days either sleeping or watching TV on the sofa. I felt so tired all the time, out of breath if I went out of the house and my stomach felt so sensitive I didn’t really want to exercise. I’m a yoga teacher and I could barely get myself on my mat, I also had to cancel classes for 2 weeks because I felt to terrible. From what my friends have told me, not feeling up to doing anything is pretty normal - so don’t stress! This week has felt a bit better, The nausea isn’t as intense and I feel a bit of energy coming back - I did a mini spring clean of my apartment, which is a start!
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