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Eating habits

My almost 3yr old is struggling with eating anything other than carbs and dairy. He doesnt eat any fruits, veggies or meat. Only way I can get the fruit/veggies in him are by juice form (Naked brand, Berry Veggie) He will literally pick off the breading from nuggets and fish sticks and only eat this. If he does get any kind of meat it's bacon during some breakfasts and hot dogs occasionally. Help!! 

Re: Eating habits

  • Well, this is what I do.

    I keep Food as a Reward for them.

    I have noticed that many children do connect to food if it's kept as a reward. I reward my little one's birthdays with sweets, school achievements with meals out, good deeds with ice cream, and even healthy eating with dessert. Like this - if you eat all 3 of your peas, you can have a piece of cake or anything he likes to eat the most.
    Hope this helps!

  • It's a familiar story. My youngest son only wanted to eat sweets, but he only ate fruits and vegetables after I ate them. It got better with time. 
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  • You can try to let him exercise more, exercise will speed up his metabolism, he may eat more.
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