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Pumps, Insurance, etc

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Hi everyone, I'm due with my first December and have so many questions!
- Does anyone have dual insurance? If so, were you able to sneak your way into getting two pumps covered?? I know both cover it, Oxford is my primary, Anthem BCBS is my secondary.
- If you use insurance for your pump, do you have to use the providers that they give you? Or can you choose a supplier that has a specific pump?
- Has anyone gotten the Medela Sonata through insurance (even if they had to pay extra as an "upgrade")?
- It seems like the Medela PISA used to be the go to years ago, but what about all these new pumps? I've heard great things about the Spectra S2 and the Medela Freestyle, and not so great reviews about the Freemie and Willow pumps. But I am thinking about getting the Freemie cups, since they can be used with other pumps. The Sonata seems too new and there isn't as much feedback on it. Does anyone have thoughts or comparisons of the Medela pumps and other popular ones?

I'd like a pump with a battery pack but not bulky. Either open or closed is fine. Interchangeable parts would be nice but not necessary. Ideally, I'll be home for 6 months and then when I go back to work I have access to a Medela Symphony. 


Re: Pumps, Insurance, etc

  • Do you have a flex spending account? I was going to purchase mine using those funds. Didn't think to check if my insurance covered it for me. 
    With my other pregnancies I used the freestyle and loved it. Not sure if I'll go back to that or a different one. It's been almost 6 years since I've needed one!
  • I have to ask my husband if we have an FSA. I know I don't have one with my insurance. Glad to hear you liked the Freestyle! I guess everyone has such different experiences no matter what.
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  • Go to aeroflow online.  You provide them all of your insurance info and they do all of the necessary checking around to see what is available to you at what cost.

    Anthem BCBS is my only insurance and they provided a free pump for each pregnancy.  I got the medela PISA but there were others available as well.  If you want an upgraded package or extra parts and have an FDA or HSA you can use those to pay the difference.
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  • Thanks! Do you need a prescription before looking into Aeroflow?
  • @palkag You should be able to look, but not order without the prescription.
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