TTC after 35

TTC after 35 check in 8/19/18

Hey ladies...I didn't see a new thread for this week, so thought I'd start one.
Status (WTO/TWW/Benched/in process of testing or treatment): 

CD, CD/DPO (if applicable):

What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment? Vitamins/supplements?):


Questions for the group:

GTKY:  As we get to the end of August, what else is on your summer bucket list before it comes to a close?

Re: TTC after 35 check in 8/19/18

  • Okay, so I'll start LOL!

    Status (WTO/TWW/Benched/in process of testing or treatment): prepping for FET on suppression cycle waiting for AF

    CD, CD/DPO (if applicable): CD25

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment? Vitamins/supplements?): prenatals, baby aspirin, 4000 IU vitamin D, 400mg CoQ10, maca root, brazil nuts, FET meditation

    Rants/Raves: Having a tough time after my loss last month - my nephew was born Sunday and while I'm so happy for them, it's still hard seeing all the pics coming in between my mom and aunts and cousins. Just tough and I feel like crawling into a hole for a bit. Also, turning 44 in just a couple weeks so of course I'm googling "pregnant naturally at 44" like a madwoman these days. :)

    Questions for the group: not right now

    GTKY:  As we get to the end of August, what else is on your summer bucket list before it comes to a close? I need to get some hiking in, have been traveling like crazy for family events so will be nice to get out in nature and breathe! We did get to the community pool Saturday and I told my husband "not bad for $5 each, just use your imagination and pretend this pool is on a cruise ship or something" haha!
  • @Momifbysea big hugs! seeing babies is tough.

    Status (WTO/TWW/Benched/in process of testing or treatment):  TWW

    CD, CD/DPO (if applicable): CD 19, and I think DPO 3 (FF says DPO 5 but I'm pretty sure it's wrong)

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment? Vitamins/supplements?): Prenatals, CoQ10, baby aspirin

    Rants/Raves: Went to our IVF class today and it was actually interesting!

    Questions for the group: Am I being totally unrealistic that a single IVF cycle could be all we need? Should I mentally prepare myself for 3-4+ cycles?

    GTKY:  As we get to the end of August, what else is on your summer bucket list before it comes to a close?  We still haven't been to the beach this summer, because of my son's medical issues. Perhaps we can plan it for after his next treatment (or if he ends up not needing one, early to mid-September).

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  • @marijaa333 I'm so glad you found it interesting! Everyone reacts differently but I have to say, now having gone through it 5 times, it is SO SO interesting. No more nerves for me at this point haha. In terms of prepping yourself for a number of cycles, remind me again how old you are? People always say "it just takes one egg." I guess the other thing to think about is what your AFC was. For me it took 5 rounds to get 2 PGS normal embryos. But our RE describes it like rolling the dice...maybe you will get lucky your first roll?

    The beach sounds lovely. What coast are you on? We are doing a cruise in November and I can't wait to get my toes in the water. So healing to hear the sounds of the waves it!
  • Status (WTO/TWW/Benched/in process of testing or treatment): TWW 

    CD, CD/DPO (if applicable): 3 DPO

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment? Vitamins/supplements?): prenatals coq10 and dhea

    Rants/Raves: I teach jazzercise with this girl I don’t really care for.  We have sons just a few months apart. Just before my first loss I mentioned that I had hoped to be pregnant again soon and she basically told me I needed to enjoy my son and that’s what she planned on doing.  It really pissed me off.  Well I did get pregnant shortly after conversation but had MC and shortly after that she announced she was pregnant with twins.  So last night we had meeting and she was there with her 18 month old twins and it just annoyed the hell out of me. I hate being that way but just can’t help it 

    Questions for the group: 

    GTKY:  As we get to the end of August, what else is on your summer bucket list before it comes to a close? I need to come up with something as I’m getting my hip replaced in October 
  • @Mack2342 I totally know what you mean! When people say I should be happy with DD, it makes me so mad! They just don't get that you can be so utterly grateful and thankful for having been blessed with a child, and realize that so many women don't have this, and yet have this burning desire in your heart to give that child a sibling, particularly as an older mother who doesn't want them to be alone later in life. And so you remind yourself all the time of the gift you have been given, but at the same time that feeling in your gut that your family isn't complete doesn't go away. You can't just distract from it, not this. At least I can't.

    As for your hip, perfect excuse to have an amazing rest of summer before you're laid up, right? I know two people who had knee replacements this summer and I think it was about 6 weeks of rehab, etc. til they were back up and back themselves. But they both say how worth it it was and are living pain free now!

  • Status (WTO/TWW/Benched/in process of testing or treatment): waiting on AF 

    CD, CD/DPO (if applicable): 28

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment? Vitamins/supplements?): got education day set up for September 25th so we can start IVF stuff


    Questions for the group:

    GTKY:  As we get to the end of August, what else is on your summer bucket list before it comes to a close? Nothing else really
  • That’s exactly it @Momifbysea I feel so sad that my son will likely not have a sibling and that our family will not be “complete”.   As for my hip, I’m nervous but also excited to not be in pain and return to things I haven’t been able to do 
  • Status (WTO/TWW/Benched/in process of testing or treatment): WTO (I think...)

    CD, CD/DPO (if applicable): CD15

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment? Vitamins/supplements?): Prenatal vitamins

    Rants/Raves: Re: the WTO: had EWCM from about Thurs to Monday, with heaviest amounts Sat and Sun. But I was traveling (with hubby) and didn't bother with OPKs, though I kept temping. We arrived back Monday evening. My app predicted O on Monday, but after no temp rise Tuesday, I did an OPK, positive. Still no temp rise this am, OPK this am was technically negative though there was a faint second line, and my CM was scanty yesterday and even more so today. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Sex was about daily beginning the 11th, but toward the end of our trip we slowed down. And I feel like mentioning positive OPKs puts too much pressure on hubby (it's resulted in ED issues; had issues yesterday but ultimately it was OK). So I like to hope there are enough swimmers for whenever O actually happens, but at this point, NO CLUE.

    Questions for the group: None

    GTKY:  As we get to the end of August, what else is on your summer bucket list before it comes to a close? Not much. Our 1st anniversary is Sept 23 so we're talking about a weekend trip (probably within driving range), but that's getting into fall (my favorite season!).
  • @Mack2342 and @Momifbysea I'm so sorry for the treatment you've received! I keep thinking more and more that people shouldn't comment on others' child status whatever it is. So fraught for so many reasons.
  • @Momifbysea We're on the east coast, I'm hoping we can drive down to Wrightsville Beach in NC, but it will depend on my son's health. We need to be near a good hospital (ideally children's), just in case...

    As for my numbers, my AFC was 7 one cycle, and 9 the next cycle; AMH was 0.98, FSH 11.9 (they consider this normal at my center); LH 5.9; estradiol 37.8.  Rolling the dice sounds like an excellent metaphor for all of this!!

  • @amandahwrites way to take advantage of your cycle while traveling! Fingers crossed! As to your comment about enough swimmers, I spoke with a family friend who’s an obgyn nurse practitioner and she said every other day gives them a chance to build back up plus they survive a few days so you’re still covered. Of course ideal is to have them there just hanging out waiting for the egg right? I also get the pressure that the ppl can put on sex- I think DH and I have both had that stress in the past.

    AFM, AF started today and this was my month on BCP. I expected it Saturday as that would be day 28. Weird, am I broken? Or is this a perimenopause sign to have such a short cycle? I’m always always between 28-31 days, always. Makes me nervous going into this FET.
  • @Momifbysea that is strange! No idea if it'd be a perimenopause sign. Are you able to contact your doc's office to see if the early start makes them concerned about the FET? 

    Still no BBT jump for me this am. Not even a slow-rising creep. If there's no increase tomorrow, I'm thinking this is likely an anovulatory cycle. :/ And if it is an anovulatory cycle, I'm planning to set up a doc app't to start the ball rolling on fertility testing, since I've had some other odd things (2 days of spotting before AF, when I used to go straight into AF; lower BBT overall, though previously I still had distinct LP jumps, etc.).
  • @amandahwrites that sounds like a good plan to make an appointment. I have experienced spotting for a few days prior too but that isn't new for me. I guess we're all different. I did a little Google research on when AF is expected to start on the pill and it says 3-4 days after taking the last active pill, so according to that I'm spot on (no pun intended). Just strange because I assumed it would put me on a perfect 28-day cycle since I took the first pill on CD1 and there are 21 active pills. 

    I did talk with my clinic nurse today and my endo scratch biopsy came back negative meaning everything is A okay! That was some relief, just trying to rule out any little thing that might keep this next transfer from working. I should get my treatment calendar in the next 5 business days she said, but I am to start Estrace tomorrow - woohoo! I am so ready to get started!

  • @marijaa333 your AFC's are like mine - I got a 7/8. And in my February retrieval I did get those two normals, if that helps give you some hope! I think those are great numbers given our age, seriously! It only takes one, right?

  • @Momifbysea In case this helps, my cycles got shorter around the age of 35 (went from 40 days to 28). My RE said that the shortening was totally normal as we age and doesn't mean anything at all is wrong. She said they will start to get longer again at some point before I enter menopause...
  • That totally helps, thanks @marijaa333!
  • Status (WTO/TWW/Benched/in process of testing or treatment): WTO

    CD, CD/DPO (if applicable): CD9

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment? Vitamins/supplements?): BBT, prenatals, OPK, PreSeed

    Rants/Raves: testing with OPKs next monday, yay!

    Questions for the group:

    GTKY:  As we get to the end of August, what else is on your summer bucket list before it comes to a close? Enjoy the nice weather as long as I can.
    10/2018: MFI (2 SA under 9 million/ml)
    11/2018: HSG shows right Fallopian tube slightly damaged 
    1/2019: Husband diagnosed with grade 3 varicocele
    4/05/2019: varicocele repair surgery
    6/13/2019: BFP!!! EDD: 2/22/2020 <3  Baby girl born 2/27/2020
    7/18/2019: Total Motile Count at 3 months post surgery = 51 millions!! (number must be >20 millions to conceive naturally).

    TTC #2
    9/07/2021: BFP - CP: 9/10/2021
    10/07/2021: BFP - CP: 10/23/2021
    12/23/2021: BFP! EDD: 08/31/2022

  • @rikiteacup hooray for opk time for you! I actually miss doing those since with IVF they’ve controlled my cycle for so long. I’m with you on soaking up every last hot day! I wish I could somehow bank them away for when it’s bone-chilling cold.

    AFM, so I went to see a naturopath for a free consult today and ugly cried in her office when she asked me to tell her why I was there and I started recounting the failed cycles. How embarrassing! Then she suggested an acupuncturist in my city so I walked in to check the place out and made my first appt consultation for Tuesday. Excited and nervous to try it before this transfer.
  • @Momifbysea repeat after me:  "it's my naturopath session, and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to..." ;)
  • @marijaa333 that is awesome I just laughed out loud! She was like 10 years younger than me and you should’ve seen her face like oh crap what do I do with her! 

    How was your weekend?
  • marijaa333marijaa333 member
    edited August 2018
    @Momifbysea Ahh, youth. They don't get it, do they? :) We had a relaxing weekend, hiked with friends and hermitted at home in equal measure. I'm PMSing big time today AND it's Monday, so I'm leaving it at that and will check in on the other thread tomorrow.

    How was yours? :)
  • @marijaa333 good just not long enough!
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