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Zika in Florida?

hello ladies!
i was wondering if anyone had travelled to or lives in the state of Florida and if Zika is still an issue?  I’ve looked at the cdc and it seems to be taken off the areas with Zika map, but wanted to check in with my community as well tonsee it anyone has recently visited? 

Thinking about a family vacation there before #2 arrives! 

Re: Zika in Florida?

  • Most cases of Zika in the US are due to people bringing it back from other countries. If you are concerned, ask your doctor.
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  • I think I'd run it by a doctor--personally, I'm very risk-averse and prone to unnecessary precaution--but yeah, the CDC map you're referring to says no Zika reports anywhere in the US in 2018.

    This suggests there have been 34 cases from people getting infected outside of the US and coming back. Fewer than 12 of those in Florida, per the map here also:

    No local infections. I think the local infections were only ever in the Miami area anyway, right?
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  • I live in FL and haven't heard a peep about Zika for awhile. I think you're good. Also, where in FL are you visiting and during what months? Some areas have more mosquitos than others and they vary according to the weather.  
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  • I’m also in South Florida. I haven’t heard anything about it in the last year. Since I am TTC, and I have my annual in about 3 weeks, I plan to ask my doctor then. 
  • Ugh Zika.... I live in south Texas and am currently getting eaten alive by the skeeters. I haven’t heard about anyone here getting it recently or anywhere in the states really..... the cdc would prob be the best place to check? 
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