1st Trimester

I need reassurance. Lol

Okay, so I had a scan at 7w0d. I’m going to post a picture of said scan and hopefully get some insight. 

Personally im rather confused. It sort of seems like the gestational sac is quite large and oblong? If you look closely you can see the yolk sac above the embryo. However, down to the right it looks like a possible, 2nd yolk sac and bit of a faded blur.

Could his be a sign of a hidden twin? 

I won’t have another scan till at least 15-16 weeks so I’m just looking for opinions. That’s all.. TIA xoxo 

I suppose crazier things have happened? Or maybe I’m overreacting. Although even in 2018 they do seem to miss twins a little often! Haha 

Re: I need reassurance. Lol

  • I don't see anything, and clearly your ultrasound tech didn't either or they would have told you it might be twins. 

    Generally, twins are pretty obvious at 7 weeks.  My sister's twins were "possibility of twins" at a 5w scan but definite by 7 weeks.  She only had that many scans because of IF treatment but still...if a professional ultrasound tech didn't see twins at 7 weeks, I doubt anyone here will.
  • ecwkecwk member
    What did the ultrasound tech say?

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  • Well so this is my 5th baby there so we kind of just talked the whole time while she measured and we never really talked about the ultrasound lol
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