2nd Trimester

Anyone going through congested nose?

I have a congested nose,its been a day and a half.during the night it gets worse. Is anyone else going through this,if so what are you doing to relieve your nose(like literally)?

Re: Anyone going through congested nose?

  • I had really bad congestion last time. Lots of saline nasal spray, Vick’s and a humidifier made it so I could sleep. I don’t think it really went away until I delivered though.
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  • I had this my entire pregnancy. Breathe right strips helped at night 
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  • I've had congestion for my entire pregnancy so far. Keeping a humidifier in our room, and saline rinses have helped.
  • I got a cold on the 4th and my nose is still sort of congested. Saline solution nose spray really helps to keep infection away and dry up congestion sooner I used it for a few days and my mucus is still there but it's now clear so I'm okay with it. It's much better.
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