IUI and Test day Monday

Hello ladies... I had my Ovidril trigger shot on 7/30 and my IUI on 8/1.... I'm suppose to test on Monday on 8/13. I took one on 8/7 (I know... I know way to early and got a NEG.) but now I'm experience cramping. I'm also on Progestrone too. Anyone else have any thoughts or advice? I'm super nervous and deep down don't think I am.... I feel so swollen and fat.... ugh this process. Baby dust to all!

Re: IUI and Test day Monday

  • Hi, I hope it all works out! Try to stay calm, nerves always get the best of us. FX! 
  • The wait is horrible! Mine was on 8/3. I tested today and BFN but I also go today for the blood test. Try to stay positive! I'm not good at following my own advice though :)
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