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Cant sleep!!!

S0 I'm  9 wks post partum and I been struggling the last 3 wks not sleeping... like I have never expweonce this bad  first my baby would wake up every 2 hrs for feeds now she sleeps 6 .7 ish hours straight....but now is me not getting no sleep I'm tired exhausted for no reason..I don't want to take sleeping pills or anxiety medications any new mommas dealing with this...

Re: Cant sleep!!!

  • **lurking**

    Postpartum anxiety is something you should definitely seek professional help for.. even if it's just speaking to a counselor and not meds right now that is better than dealing with PPA on your own.  There are medications that are safe for you to take while breastfeeding and wont make you overly sleepy if that's what you're concerned about. 
  • yup but I take medication and it helps a ton
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