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I was a little sad seeing that this board doesn't get a lot of traffic.  Maybe there are a bunch of lurkers?  Anyways I hope that there can soon be some traffic in here.  

My Story:
My son was born in March 2018.  He failed the newborn hearing screen in the hospital (twice).  So after he was a month old we went to an audiologist to do a better screening.  We found out that he has a profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.  This was quite a shock to us since we have no know family history of it.  This was really tough to grasp especially since we had to go to all these appointments and then get started on therapies.  He is now 4 months old and has his first set of hearing aids.  They seem to help but it looks like for him to get full hearing he will need a cochlear implant.  So that's where we are right now. 

I know being a parent is hard and then throwing in a child with special needs can be very overwhelming.  I plan to keep lurking this board and hope it starts to pick up cause I know it would be nice to just vent that sometimes this journey just SUCKS but you will do whatever you can for your child.  


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