1st Trimester

Slow but increasing HCG - losing my mind, need success stories please!

Hi all - This is my first post and my first pregnancy - I'm absolutely desperate!

Had a PGS-tested 5-day embryo transfer a few weeks ago. I'm exactly 6 weeks today. My HCG progression is as follows:

14dpo - 183
16dpo - 364 (increased 99%)
18dpo - 888 (increased 144%)
20dpo - 1313 (increased 48%)
22dpo - 2064 (increased 57%)
24dpo - 3034 (increased 47%)

Had an ultrasound with last Monday's appt (when HCG was 3034) and saw a well-measuring gestational sac and yolk sac. My RE was pleased but is still concerned with the lack of doubling with my HCG. Every single published report I've read says it's impossible this can be a viable pregnancy and I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Anyone have a similar progression and it turned out fine? 

Appreciate your advice and feedback!!!
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