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High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnant in a high risk of Zika area

Hi guys. 
My husband is a diplomat.  A few months back we got posted to Venezuela  and needles to say it is a God awful difficult place.  In addition to its quirks,  it's marked as a Zika high risk zone.  I'm 8 weeks pregnant and having anxiety attacks due to this.  I can't see a mosquito (and the things are everywhere) because I instantly just freak out,  and I have a serious case of insomnia.  I am not enjoying my second pregnancy after a MMC.  I suspect I'm depressed and I am terrified of Zika all the time. 
It is affecting my marriage already and I'm considering being sent back home but I don't want to be alone for the rest of this pregnancy. DH doesn't seem to grasp the size of my anxiety and says he doesn't understand why I'm being so paranoid. 
There is no reliable information in the country about Zika related Birth defects  in the country and they hide their disabled children here as part of the culture so the fact that you don't see babies with zika related syndromes does not mean they are not here.  
I'm drowning here.  I am so scared and so sad all the time. 
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