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Hi, everyone! My husband and I are both 31 and started TTC in 2013. In March of 2014 I had a miscarriage and then couldn’t get pregnant again afterward. We finally decided to see an RE in December of 2014. We were diagnosed with unexplained/slight male factor infertility. I had a hysteroscopy to remove polyps from my uterus in February of 2015. I was all set to start my first IUI cycle that June, but tested the day before my period was due and found out I was pregnant with my now 2-year-old son. 

We started trying for baby #2 in January of last year and it’s been pretty much the same story, minus a baby. I got pregnant almost immediately, miscarried at 6 weeks, and haven’t been able to get pregnant again since. My husband’s sperm count and motility have increased a ton since last time he was tested, but his morphology is only 1%. I had another HSG and hysteroscopy to remove polyps in March and had my first IUI with injectables cycle in June, which failed despite things going “as perfectly as possible” according to my RE. I developed a cyst that delayed my second IUI cycle. Finally started injectables again and had a much better response this time (one follicle at 19mm, two at 16mm, and two at 15mm). I’m currently at 12dpo and have all the usual symptoms of AF being on her way, including a bfn this morning. I’m losing hope that this is going to work for us, and my insurance just eliminated IVF coverage as of January 1st. 

Anyway, just looking to be able to discuss this journey with women who get it, because I really don’t have anyone in my life other than my husband who understands what this is like, and our families are of the “just relax and it will happen” mentality, which is infuriating. 

unexplained since january 2015; one prior loss
miracle baby boy born march 2016
ttc #2 since january 2017; one loss in april 2017
started injectables and IUI in may 2018
IUIs #1-4 = BFN
laparoscopy november 2018 = minor endo removed from right tube
IUI #5 = BFN.
IUI #6 = chemical pregnancy
IUI #7 = BFN
IUI #8 = ?

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    Hi @dkv713
     I see this is from July but if you still needing to talk I am available. 
    I am 26 years old. Have pcos. Started ttc at 22 years old. Went to a specialist and started iui 
    Second try was successfully (who knew how blessed we are) this was with 13 injections of menopur 50iu. 

    So fast forward to now. We have tried iui again 2 times. But my resistance to hormones is worse. (I need 24-30 injection to start making a folical)

    My last cycle ending in a "chemical pregnancy" (hate the term because it feels like a loss to us)
    This was with femzole 5mg for 5 days while taking, menopur 75iu and puregon 50iu. They also had to trigger. My poor tummy and emotions after this cycle. 
    The miscarriage left me with 2 large corpus luteum cyst so if these are gone when AF arrives we will try IVF as the doctor has said iui is not for us. Thankfully we can afford 1 try. But that's all.

    I am not sure why I need so many hormones now... I am also so afraid I don't get any eggies or they are all poor quality... But I know I would regret it more if we didn't try.

    I get the family aspect but I look at it as they are rather trying to stay positive as they don't know what else to say. Unless you go through infertility you won't know what to say.

    Goodluck xx
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