TTC After a Loss

TTCAL week of 7/30

It's been a while so why not?
1. Introduce yourself (if new):
2. Status?
3. R/R:
4.GTKY: What is your favorite fast food place?

Re: TTCAL week of 7/30

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    1. Introduce yourself (if new): not new. Ttc since 1/17.  CP 3/17. NMC 9/17.
    2. Status? 2 DPO
    3. R/R: rave: still glowing over the fact that I ovulated this month. Rant: we put our house on the market last week and it's so hard to keep it constantly clean!
    4.GTKY: Chick Fil A. Love their sauce!
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    1. Introduce yourself (if new): Chloe- I was here a few years ago, had a LC, then had a CP this past April. 
    2. Status? 7 DPO (I think- not temping). We hit -2 this month.
    3. R/R: Ugh SS is real bad. Sore nipples. Cramping. Of course I took a test today. BFN b/c it's 7 DPO (at best). 
    4.GTKY: What is your favorite fast food place? Chipotle or Steak and Shake. 
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    2. Status? 10 DPO
    3. R/R: we had family pictures taken yesterday. It was fun. Beautiful day and DS did great! 
    4.GTKY: What is your favorite fast food place? I don’t really have a favorite.  I will eat at them if I have to but not really my thing.  
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    1. Introduce yourself (if new):Not new. MMC end of Feb
    2. Status? TWW but realistically WFAF
    3. R/R: its been a crazy morning at work. Guy I couldn't stand for let go and new guy is sorting through the old's mess. I got compliments from the owner and my boss today as well. Rant is obviously WFAF
    4.GTKY: What is your favorite fast food place? We dont eat fast food.

    @kath525 sounds like ours will be going up soon and I'm dreading that part....2 cats, a dog, plus kids, ugh. I dont even want to think about it....

    @mack2342 whe haven't done pics since DS was almost 1! I can't believe Aug is here already! How?!
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    @Mack2342 Glad your family pictures went well

    @Kath525 so great that ovulated this month!

    I just took an OPK out of curiosity b/c I had the best EWCM I have seen in awhile and OF COURSE it is positive. I thought I was 7 DPO, but I went based on CM and I never got a positive OPK. WTAF? The month that I get serious about TTC, I ovulate late? My period has been super regular the last 6 months, even after my chemical. Ugh so frustrating.

    TW I am not going to try this month b/c the last time I geared up to ovulate, did not, and then ovulated 7 days late, I had a super traumatic pregnancy in which my betas were awful but I had a HB for another 7 weeks before no results on my NIPT and a horrible, traumatic 12 week scan with a baby that measured behind and obviously had a lot of issues. Turned out my baby had Triploidy- xxy, meaning that she had 3 sets of chromosomes. It was not compatitble with life and she passed away the next week. Anyway, after all that and the fact that DD was born when I ovulated on CD 16 (like I normally do), I am done trying when I ovulate late. End TW. 
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    @chloe97 sorry for the bfn, hopefully it's juat too early.

    @Mack2342 glad pictures went great! My ds refuses to look at cameras, lol I have so many side profile pics of him  :D

    1. Introduce yourself (if new): not really new, but recently re-intro'd. Nmc 12/16, cp 7/18

    2. Status? Cd 20 but tta this cycle. 

    3. R/R: if any of you are following the world news, you know Nor Cal is on fire. I'm about 15 miles south, so we're fine so far, but the air quality is horrendous! **child mentioned** we have a 3yo ds and his favorite thing to do is play outside, but no can do at the moment. **end tw**  

    4.GTKY: What is your favorite fast food place? We have a place here called Burrito Bandito (similar to a Chipotle) that I just love. Also you can never go wrong with subway.
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    1. Introduce yourself (if new): New. I'm 37. MMC 2014, CP 2017, MMC last week. *TW* I do have two living children *End TW*

    2. Status? Benched. D&C was a week ago. Trying to decide if we want to try again. Two recent losses kind of feel like the universe is telling us to quit while we're ahead.

    3. R/R: Rave - i just rejoined the gym! I feel like I need to focus on getting healthy before TTC again.

    4.GTKY: In-n-Out, because yum. Fries have to be extra crispy, so I can't pretend they are "healthier" but oh well!

    @splashmountain - I'm in the Bay Area and had to deal with the fires last October. We didn't lose our house, but it was close. My brother is in Redding and currently evacuated. So stressful. I feel your pain on the air quality and I hope you get a break soon!!

    @chloe97 - I don't want to try again until I lose weight because I weighed the same for both MMCs and
     I weighed less with DS and DD. I'm convinced my weight is why I miscarried.  So I get it. And I'm sorry you had such a heartbreaking experience.
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    @ruby696 oh no, I hope your brother and his home are ok. And the gym is a great idea, I joined after my first mc and it made me feel better both mentally and physically.
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    @splashmountain I totally agree. I've managed to gain about 30 lbs over the last two years. Besides feeling gross, I have tons of clothes I can't wear. Bums me out. I figure getting back in shape will take my mind of TTC.

    My brother's house is fine - and it looks like it's going to stay fine :)
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    1. Introduce yourself (if new):  
    move been here for about a month.  I’ve had two MC this year after a first totally normal pregnancy 
    2. Status? I thought I started my first period afterD&C yesterday but now it is super light.  Not sure what is going on.  Anyone else ever have this happen?  I am ready to try again.  I am hopeful it will happen quickly because I really don’t want a late Summer baby
    3. R/R:  this whole process.  I still feel sad about my recent loss.  
    4.GTKY: What is your favorite fast food place?  I don’t eat fast food but if Tokyo Joes counts I love that place
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    It's been a while so why not? 
    1. Introduce yourself (if new): Not new, MMC end of April
    2. Status? WTO, 5 days post-femara
    3. R/R: rant, cuz it wasn’t bad enough having to work with two pregnant co-workers due in the next couple months - now I have two more due next year! And lately I can’t even turn on FB because it’s like pregnancy announcement, after birth announcement, after updated baby pictures galor! KILL ME :(
    4.GTKY: What is your favorite fast food place? I don’t do much fast food...Quiznos would have to be my favorite though

    @den@denma2015 I didn’t have a D&C but my first period post MC was light for a week and a half then stopped then two weeks later I had another period. Don’t worry too much unless it’s super heavy bleeding, just let your body do it’s thing. As for “really not wanting a late summer baby” i’m Sure you don’t mean that? Most of us would just be happy for a BFP & a take home baby anytime of year! Especially seeing as a lot of us struggle with fertility and just can hardly even get pregnant! 

    @ruby696 sorry for your loss & welcome. Congrats on joining the gym! I’ve been thinking about it too but it’s kinda weird for me - I didn’t actually gain any weight once the post-prego came off, I’m still on the cusp of being almost too thin to ovulate which I’m struggling with...but my body proportions changed so even though I’m not physically heavier my hips are wider & have more fat on them & my stomach has more jiggle. Not sure what to do on the one hand my pants don’t fit but on the other my MD said not to loss weight & to maybe put on more pounds :( 

    @prp@prpl11butterfly sorry about waiting for AF FX for you anyway though!! 

    @chloe97 interesting about your late ovulation theory...the only pregnancy I’ve had (and of course my MMC one in the same) I was sick the month we conceived and I O’d late too! 
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    @justarius I am so sorry- other people's pregnancies are so triggering. After my first MMC, I had 6 friend/coworkers due within 2 weeks of my first EDD and then with my 2nd MMC one of my best friends had the same EDD. I had to stop talking to her for 5 months, avoided her shower, etc. It was awful. It will get better. I promise, but give yourself a break and let you feel the feelings! As for ovulating late, I did find some sort of research somewhere (I forget where) that showed that if you ovulate that you are more likely to have a triploidy pregnancy. If I remember correctly, it's when you gear up to ovulate and don't, but then do spontaneously later. Something with the egg not separating correctly or something. 

    @denma2015 I had 2 D&Cs- after both my period was super light. In fact, it was like a spot of blood after my 2nd D&C. I knew I had ovulated that month, so I knew it was a period- but no Dr believed me. Instead, they thought I had like an 11-week cycle, which was not the case. Anyway, things should normalize after a cycle or 2, so try not to worry!

    @ruby696 OMG I am up 30 lbs too! Well, actually 40 from my first trimester with DD (but I LOST a ton of weight b/c I wasn't eating). I feel so gross. I am exercising, but I need to get food and diet under control. We just got an instant pot, so I was thinking I would start making a bunch of paleo meals. It would be nice to lose at least 10 lbs before I get KU again.   

    @splashmountain I am so sorry about the air quality issues you have. That sounds dreadful. I hope they get those fires under control soon!
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    @justarius Weights and pilates! Or Yoga! work on your core and build lean muscle. It will help with the problem areas, and you'll probably gain muscle weight.

    @chloe97 Seriously, I feel so gross! I keep telling myself I only need to go down two or three pants sizes. Two sounds like a nice small number. But it's so HARD. Instapot is a great idea. I bought one a couple weeks ago, but I've only used it once. I should work on that... :D

    @denma2015 I still have brown spotting from my d&c as well. It just won't go completely away, and it's annoying AF. Mostly because I'm tired of the reminder. 
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    2. Status? WTO, cd10. FSH IUI #2 this cycle, hopefully. 
    3. R/R: My last E2 blood draw was kind of funky so they upped my dose. The nurse assured me that I’m still on schedule for IUI, which is good because I have to travel for work on Monday and reaaaaally don’t want to be out this cycle. On the downside, I’m probably going to have my IUI on a day when we have houseguests over AGAIN. ‘Uh we just need to go out for a few hours uh no you can’t come.’
    4.GTKY: What is your favorite fast food place? Hmmm I usually avoid it (and fast food in general) but I do like some extremely infrequent taco bell. It’s not even good, but it’s *so good*.
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    @lin0442 I crave Taco Bell about once a year and I just got to have it 
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    2. Status? 8 dpo

    3. R/R: We just got back from family vacation which was super relaxing and fun—**child mentioned** aside from family pictures where DD refused to let me put her down and cried 95% of the time. The photos should be hilarious though :wink:

    4.GTKY: What is your favorite fast food place? Ohhh...chipotle or chick-fil-a 

    @denma2015 my first couple post d&c cycles are always weird (I’ve had 3 D&Cs). 

    @justarius it does seem like the whole world is pregnant and announcing.

    @lin0442 oh man, sorry about the houseguests during IUI! FX it works and is the start of a great story!!
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    @Kath525 thanks for starting this thread! Sorry I'm jumping in on it a bit late...

    1. Introduce yourself (if new): not new, NMC at 6 weeks in May. 

    2. Status? cd11, anxiously awaiting ovulation since my last cycle the femara didn't work so we had to up the dose this cycle. 

    3. R/R: was just told by one of my friends at church that they have started trying for their third child, kinda took the wind out of my sails because I'm dreading the day she announces her pregnancy. But on the bright side I have two weekend trips coming up so that should help me relax this cycle! 

    4.GTKY: What is your favorite fast food place? Right now it's this place called weinerschnitzel, they have chili dogs and such. No idea if it's a local or national chain. It's terribly bad for you... but so good! 

    @mwmiller4 one time we did a photo shoot with all my siblings and their kids and it was absolutely awful, all the kids were crying, someone got a bloody nose, and all the adults were laughing their heads off. It was hilarious! We hung them proudly in our house and laugh every time we look at them! It can still be a good memory, nobody is picture perfect :)

    @justarius I've been thinking about you! How are you feeling this cycle? For some reason, I feel like if you get pregnant then I can too, so I'm really pulling for you ;)

    @denma2015 I don't have any advice since I had to trigger my first cycle after mc. And I can relate to you not wanting a certain due date. When we first started trying, my only rule was that I didn't want a December baby because we have so many of them in my family. Of course, my due date was 12-30-18 and we all laughed about it. But I didn't resent that at all and now I wish more than anything that I could have my December baby back. So I felt the same way, but perspective often makes things like that seem so unimportant :) I'm sure it would work out. 
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    @chloe97  thanks for the info about the triplody pregnancy now I have more google material! Haha

    @ruby969 yeah I’m a yoga girl already :) 

    @mwmiller4  thanks for understanding <3

    @sagems10 haha I know what you mean, it feels like we have so many similarities in our stories, I feel the same like if you can then I can too! I’m CD15 today usually ovulate on day 16/17 so far we’ve managed every other day this month so I’m cautiously optimistic? No positive OPK yet. I’ve felt the most back to myself this month out of all the months so really hoping that’s a good sign. I’m glad the increased dose of femara wasn’t worse for you! FX you O! 
    I’m sorry about your friend at church. I’ve felt the same way through our whole TTC journey, even before our MMC, each pregnancy announcement feels like a slap in the face. One of my co-workers even said to me ‘I heard a rumour that you’re TTC, my husband and I are trying to have #2 maybe we get to be bump buddies’ sigh, she’s due in Sept and I would have been due in Nov. I smile and say nice things and honestly am happy for them. But privately cry and feel like God why not me...all I’ve ever wanted was to be a mom. 
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    1. Introduce yourself (if new):hello! Mc 7/14, 9/14, 5/15 and recent 7/18. TW *** one 2 year old son born 6/16.  End TW**** 

    2. Status? Benchwarmer WFAF

    3. R/R: We took a month to just recover after this most recent loss. I guess my rant is that we are finally going back to church, first time since the loss. This lady said the most insensitive thing before we even were trying to get pregnant and I just don’t want to face her. She meant well but you could tell she never suffered a loss. My son is not good at sharing and she told me that having another child would cure that. Well newsflash some of us don’t get to just pop em out! We were told after our third loss it would never happen. Well now we have a son we adore and when I finally was gearing up to courage to try for just one more she said that comment. We got pregnant a month later and then just lost that baby. I am nervous I might lose my cool at church.  Ugh. I know she meant well but come on! I even explained to her that we had three previous losses and she apologized but it still hurt so bad.  Ok end of rant. Sorry about that. 

    4.GTKY: What your favorite fast food place? I guess subway or taco Del Mar. 
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