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Running a half marathon while pregnant - thoughts?

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I am a runner who ran many 5Ks and have two half-marathons in the books! It's my favorite way to work out! In the beginning of this year, as I got more into it, I registered for a bunch of races. In mid-May...SURPRISE! I'm pregnant!!! I actually found out 5 days before my second half-marathon and I was only 4 weeks, so no issue there and had a great time! I also ran a 4-miler a month later. Before finding out, I ran my first half-marathon and then a 5K. In September I have a 5K and October I'm supposed to run another half marathon.

I've been running for about two years. I also took a month and a half break due to morning sickness, and just started up again. My doctor also encourage me to continue running so I can stay fit and healthy during the pregnancy. Just sad I'm slower now, but speed to me doesn't matter right now. Also I feel that the heat contributes to it so I might opt for running in the gym if I don't wake up early enough lol

I am definitely doing the 5K, I feel that I can handle 3 miles. And my husband is running with me so I know I'll be with someone. I really want to do the half-marathon, though. I know other pregnant women have done it as long as they ran regularly before pregnancy, listen to their bodies, hydrate, take potty breaks, and walking breaks. I'll be on week 26, a few weeks shy before entering the third trimester. I am planning on asking my doctor and a few have told me I can do this (while others told me not to!)

Anyone ever ran a long race during their pregnancy? Go for it while taking safety precautions? Advise against it and play it safe? Any opinions are welcome! Thank you!!!
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