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February 2019 Moms

Fitness/Health Check In 7.28

How’s everyone doing with staying active? Any favorite activities this week?

Any modifications needed? 

How are eating habits? 

Hoping things get easier for us all as we (slowly) make our way to the end of the first tri! 

Re: Fitness/Health Check In 7.28

  • Ha! I've basically stopped trying at this point. Day to day necessities suck all my energy. But today I am planning on taking the dog on a nice long walk. It's cool and cloudy and it'll be nicer than cleaning! 
    Thankfully eating has been pretty easy. Probably a bit more carb-heavy than ideal but I'm fine with it. 
  • This is setting the bar really, really low, but I walked to the supermarket this morning to get milk.  I also managed to drink pure water yesterday, and am going to go Pepsi-free today for the first time in 5 or 6 weeks.  Baby steps, but if I can manage to go soda-free the rest of this pregnancy I'll be pretty happy.
    I have also been stretching every morning this week, which is an improvement from zero physical activity. 
  • kcl283kcl283 member
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    I was pretty active up until the past 11 weeks- energy has been zapped- but I’ve gotten 2 modified workouts in in the past two days and am going to take today off and pick back up tomorrow. It’s as muggy as hell here and I’m a little sore from the past two days. 

    Trying to get the carbs under control, too! 
  • Kudos to you all for just doing what you can!

    Once again I just did spin and going for a run today. I REALLY need to step it up next week just for my mental health.

    Not making any modifications thankfully and also feeling like I have more energy when I am working out. Had my best spin day in several weeks so hope this is a sign of things to come!

    With food I'm still pretty carb heavy, but I normally have a major sweet tooth anyway. I've actually increased my fruits and veggies this week and did some ground chicken tacos so that was a nice healthy-ish change. Then last night was pizza, onion rings and ice cream. Balance?
  • Pelvic rest is a frigid bitch. I’m not allowed to work out at all because of my SCH, but I am trying to walk 30-45 minutes every day. Luckily the weather has been pretty mild here recently. It’s rare for me to close all my rings on my Apple Watch these days ... 

    BUT! We are repainting all our nursery furniture in our garage, which is down a big flight of stairs. So I’ve been taking lots of trips up and down those stairs, which counts I think?
  • @BourbonBiscuits I think you’re pretty badass for doing ANYTHING while you’re on pelvic rest. 
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