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Napping Protest at Home

My 3 year old naps very well at school during the week, but when it comes to weekends at home it's been a constant protest for months. We finally gave up that the kid just doesn't want to nap at home… Probably 95% of the time if we were to leave the house and go in the car around nap time he would fall asleep. At times we’ve been able to transfer him to bed, but not always and well I don’t want to have to go on a car ride to get my kid to sleep. He sleeps so well at school, I just don’t understand why it can’t be so easy at home. We’ve tried quiet time, book time… but it just doesn’t seem to last very long and becomes a war to get him to stay in his room and I’d just prefer him to not do any of it at all at that point. Any advice to make nap time at home possible again??

Re: Napping Protest at Home

  • My DS is not quite 3 (bday next month) and we just switched him into toddler bed 2 weeks ago since then we are struggling with naps and bedtime at home.  We have a gate at his bedroom door so he can’t come out. That helps but I’ve actually had to stay in room both at nap and bedtime to get him asleep and then escape once he is asleep.  It takes about 30 minutes of getting up and chatting before he slows down and will just settle in bed.  My next step is to get him back to falling asleep in room by himself which is what he has done since 4 months old.  So this was a big adjustment for me lol.  I have a sleep training book that I used as infant but it goes through early childhood so I plan on pulling it out for some tips.  
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