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11 week old sleep issues

Hi everyone. New mom here. I have an 11 week old. He goes to sleep around 9-930 after having a good nursing session and lots of cuddles. He is out like a light until about 1:30-2:30 am has a good nursing session sleeps about 2-2.5 hrs nurses sleeps for about 15 minutes (usually around 524am like clockwork) and then will not sleep by himself. I'll pick him up when he starts screaming and he instantly falls back asleep. I put him down he starts screaming. He gets extremely clingy. Anyone else have this issue?

Re: 11 week old sleep issues

  • My son is like this as well at 12 weeks. He will not sleep alone at night. He doesn't like pacifiers so he can't comfort himself with anything at night so i have to hold him or co-sleep (I know sooo terrible) to get any rest for work in the morning.
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