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Confusing experience

I’ve been here before. Once years ago and then again in April. This time I’m so confused about what’s happening. I’m currently 3 weeks late.

I was a few days late and thought I would take a test, just a feeling I had. Bought a 3 pack and took one a day, each positive. Went to dr due to previous miscarriage and their test was negative so they took bloods. Came back really low positive but said probably due to being early. Told to come back in a week. 

A few days later took a digital test to be sure, came up pregnant. Went back to dr a week later again their test was negative and this time hcg in blood had dropped a little. Obviously I know this should be doubling. I’m going back in tomorrow or Tuesday for a repeat. 

I still have no sign sign of a period. I did have what I thought was implantation for one day around what I believed would be the right timeframe. Has anyone had this experience? The waiting game is not fun.

I guess I’m just wanting to know if anyone has been through similar and what they experienced. Seems so strange to be positive negative positive negative. I don’t know what to feel

Re: Confusing experience

  • I'm so sorry you are going through this; all the waiting and uncertainty really sucks.

    I wish I had better input for you, but I have experienced this a number of times, and each ended in loss. Moreover, two were terminated as early ectopic before they could rupture.

    A fluctuating hcg quant, especially over the course of a week and using the same lab processing for each draw, indicates an abnormal pregnancy, and is almost always unviable, and is sometimes ectopic. Ideally, you shouldn't let it go on too long, especially with the risk for ectopic. If it is a loss, your OB needs to make sure they track your hcg to zero.

    If you have a lot of pelvic pain and bleeding, you really should go to an ER so they can make sure it's not a ruptured ectopic, and otherwise, it's a good idea to follow up with your doc.

    Again, I'm so sorry. Multiple losses really suck and it's completely not fair.
  • Appreciate your input!! I guess the first 2 times I had pain and bleeding so I knew it was happening. This time no bleeding at all and only an occasional cramp but no real pain like my previous miscarriages.

    Back to the doctors tomorrow to have bloods taken again and see what’s going to happen from there. Surely bleeding should start soon or they should scan to check what’s happening. 

    Yup losses suck! And sometimes you feel no one understands. I really appreciate your reply and send you hugs for your losses too
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