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Sleeping in the Heat!

What do your put your babies in to sleep at night? Some nights when I put him to bed it is almost 80 in my old house because the ac just can't keep up but it cools down to around 74 by morning. He has been wearing a onesie and has a fan is his room, he seemed to be sleeping okay but I notice his skin is cold and a little bumpy in the morning. However, I'm also scared to death of him over heating. Would a night gown be okay for a 6 month old?

Re: Sleeping in the Heat!

  • The weather has been cooler lately, thank God, but we still put our son in cotton footed PJs and keep the fan on in his room. Since he doesn’t stay under a blanket (he is 2) and it cools off by morning, it seems like the best bet. He doesn’t seem to get too hot or cold.
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