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Hot Texas Summers

Hello all! So it is well into the Triple Digits here in Texas and I live in an old house with an AC that just can't keep up. Some times during the day it struggles and my house will hit 84° so I try to keep my son in an area with lots of fans and he lives in nothing but a diaper. At night he has a fan in his room and by the time he goes to bed it has usually dropped to around 80 in the house. I have been letting him sleep in just a diaper or a onesie but I notice when he wakes up in the morning the house temp has dropped to around 74 and his skin is chilled so I want to put him in something more. Maybe a non footed PJ or a nightgown? What do yall put your babies in? I don't want him to over heat and it is really hard for me to judge what is best because I sleep with a blanket even if it is hot! This is giving me crazy anxiety!

Re: Hot Texas Summers

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