Twins at 7w2d one measuring smaller and no measurable hb

Hi.  I had my first ultrasound today at 7w2d and we were thrilled to see that there were twins. However, the dr said that one will likely not be there at the next ultrasound next week.  The bigger baby is measuring 6w4 days and hb 144.  The smaller baby is measuring 5w?d and we thought we saw a flicker of a hb but nothing that he could measure.  I know with the sac being so much smaller and without a strong hb that we are not looking at a positive outcome but we are praying for a miracle.  I was hoping some of you might share your experience with similar situations.  thank you!!  Just need someone to talk to about it.  

Re: Twins at 7w2d one measuring smaller and no measurable hb

  • The same thing happened to me at my ultrasound yesterday. They said one is what's known as a vanishing twin. I'm trying to be grateful that I have 1 healthy baby but all I've felt is sad since the ultrasound tech told me the news about the other one. 
  • I am in the same boat. i just knew I was having twins. So I went for a scan at 7w6, and confirmed twins. Baby a measured 7w4, and Baby B was said to have a yolk sac but no fetal pole. The doctor told me it most likely is not viable. I am 8w1 today, and going for another scan at 10w6. I’ve googled hours and hours worth of reading. It sounds like it could be possible that Baby B is behind, and maybe hadn’t developed the fetal pole yet? I know twins can be up to a week apart in growth from one another. 

    Im desperate for a miracle and to see two heartbeats in three weeks.
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