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Let’s talk about sex...after childbirth!

Okay, so my husband and I had sex for the first time last night at 6 weeks post partum. We just had our very first baby, a boy! I was so excited to finally be able to be intimate with my husband again after such a long period of abstinence. I told him to be gentle because I had read I might be tender and still hurt. Shockingly,  (to me) My vag is literally numb! Everything is loose and flappy and I hate it! Sex didn’t feel like anything. I enjoyed being intimate with my husband, but as far as sensations down there I barely feel anything now. After it was over I was basically in tears. Is this normal?! I sure hope so! 

Please tell me if if you have walked through this and what helped. Is my body still healing? Will I ever feel again? Do levels help?! HELP!!!! 

Re: Let’s talk about sex...after childbirth!

  • *kegels* not levels 
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    Never mind I misspoke so I edited. 
    What I was trying to say was, most of the woman that hang around here are not PP. You are likely to get more and better answers going to your birth month board or checking out the board that is babies specific to your child's age. 
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  • Unfortunately, the BMBs tend to go very dead within a four month or so timeframe around the due date month because people take the group to Facebook. 

    You could try posting in the Babies 0-3 month board. 

    You may need to wait a little longer. Kegels may help some. Personally, I'm less a fan of kegels and a bigger fan of general strengthening in that area through pelvic floor exercises like squats. (Kegel exercises are actually falling out of favor in some circles. It is possible to overdo it on them.
  • I second the kegels 
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