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Unemployed and Pregnant

Hello!  I just lost my job (the company is closing) and am left without health insurance or a paycheck :)  Great timing!

I have two questions...

1) Is unemployment the only option?  Or, is there state disability?
2) Has anyone used a New York marketplace health insurance plan?  Would love any feedback!

Thanks in advance!

Re: Unemployed and Pregnant

  • Hi Maggie, sorry to hear about your job, That sounds awful. Idk if unemployment is the only option but it will certainly help you until you can figure out what else there is. 
    I have actually been looking through these discussions to try and find out more information on Medicaid. I have always purchased my healthcare through the state since ACA started bc my employer stopped offering healthcare. Long story short Bc of pandemic I’ve made so much less money that they put me on Medicaid. I was with health first and the Woman who helped me was pretty knowledgeable. If you want her info I can email it to you. Perhaps she can help you? 
    At the moment though I’m planning on using NYP but I have to go through their Ambulatory Care Unit to see an OB. Feel like a bit of a second class citizen tbh but I can’t seem to find anymore information on who takes Medicaid and who doesn’t. 
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