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TTC After a Loss

TTC after d&c worried about my cycle!

anyone ttc after d&c ? My period cycle has always been 26days now after my d&c i had 3 cycles 26 then a cycle of 28 then 26 then two cycles of 30days and now today back at 26 is this irregular? Anyone else cycle all over the place ? 

Re: TTC after d&c worried about my cycle!

  • itsmorgannnn Sorry for your loss. I responded to you on the TTGP board before I saw that you also posted here (Sorry, I'm having a slow 'wake up' morning). 
  • @itsmorgannnn I had 2 D&Cs- one after a MMC at 10 weeks and one at 12 weeks. After both, my cycles were MESSED up. I had only 2 cycles between my 2 MCs 3 cycles before subsequent pregnancy. After my PP came back, my cycles have been 30-33 days. I don't think it's that abnormal to have your cycles vary by a couple days, but it shows why it's important to temp and monitor fertile signs to try to time BD when you are ovulating.   
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  • I have had 3 d &cs and my cycle was wonky after each of them.  It took about 3-4 cycles before it became a “new normal”.  My cycle has never returned to pre loss status 
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