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Pregnant after 35

Need some Advice about Baby #6

Hello Everyone

I am the mom of 5 birthed Children, 2 nephews, and 2 step sons. This pregnancy was highly unexpected especially after I had to go thru IVF for my 15 month son after trying for 3 or 4 years. My mind is truly full of emotions and I can't decide what to do, I am currently 6 weeks today.  I have never had a abortion before hint why I have so many kids, after having a miscarriage at 20 weeks. Just the thought terrifies me. I currently work full time, but if I do keep this one I will have to quit and figure something else out career wise. I am currently enrolled in a Cert program for Vet Asst which I will finish by the fall. I am still floating in shock. My other half says we have a lot going on and not to sure about this right now and wants to revisit when our youngest is 2 which is 8 months.

Any Advice?

Thanks in Advance

Re: Need some Advice about Baby #6

  • mzpoppmzpopp member
    Tough decision for you guys. You’ll really have to decide what you can live with. I had an abortion years ago when I had a blighted ovum and I wasn’t going to be given a D&C for another two weeks by my ob, with the hopes I would miscarry naturally. I just wanted to be done so I paid for it myself. The lady told me it’s the exact same procedure except one is done by your doctor for a non viable pregnancy or miscarriage and the other is a choice. It was a quick procedure and I felt relief, and lots of tears when it was done. They give you an ultrasound to date you and I’ll just say I was happy to see nothing there also because if I had seen a moving baby or heartbeat I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

    This so such a controversial topic I can’t imagine you getting great advice on here. Would adoption be an option? Wishing you the best of luck! 
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