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  • Dh fed Jake a bottle last night, and he spit up less than usual and slept a 5 hour stretch, so we’re trying it again. fx!
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  • Baby’s first thunderstorm tonight!! Wonder if she will sleep more or less?  :#
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  • @natalie_1989, @wildtot, @rachelsogo
    I've been reading the threads and you three seem to be closest to my situation and gives me hope.

    I swaddle DD in Ollie World only at night. Arms in but not sure if she likes it. She def gets squirmy but she doesn't fight it too much.  I saw her little hand came out last night and she was ducking on it so maybe I should leave arms out? I know during the day, her arms fly up when shes sleeping i the RNP--i dont swaddle during the day.  She is 3.5 weeks now. And I've seen 4 and 3.5 hour night stretches but a couple times and have been elusive lately. The last couple nights have been tough, an hour here, and there and then a 2 hour stretch. And in the middle it would take an hour and a half to almost two hours to get her down.  It's usually the 12:30/1:30am wake up that is the tricky one. I think she also poops around this time so I sometimes have to feed and then wait for it and then feed again. Which is why it takes so long. 

    How old are your kids? I'm hoping they are a week or so older so I have something to look forward to. 

    Also really random for anyone. I BF on the boppy and she tends to fall asleep while feeding and sometimes she likes laying on the side on the boppy and on me. Shes safe since I'm here and not sleeping. But is that ok? I try to run  her back so she burps or I will pick her up and put her over shoulder. But recently that makes her squirmy. So sometimes I leave her like this for a bit before I transfer to the RnP.  Sorry for the long post. This is my first post of any kind and have a lot on my chest!!! 

    Thanks ladies!!!
  • @lpenny81 yes it is safe if you are holding her a she sleeps on her side.  I notice they tend to get squirmy if they are uncomfortable and have gas to pass or need to burp as well
  • Thanks @lindsayleigh1989! It's about time I put my baby to sleep. Let's hope for a couple of long stretches.
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